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cost for winter brake Maintenance?

Wondering what everyone has been charge recent for winter brake Maintenance? Cleveland SC cost has risen to $250 plus tax.
Good question and I'm interested what the Tesla Service Centers charge. As I understand Tesla mobile does not do that as an option.

I had a non-Tesla EV mobile tech come to my house (Chicagoland) a couple of days ago and they charged $125.
Good thing too as my front brakes were not moving much so were not doing the heavy lifting per normal front and rear percentage of stopping power.
I use standard regen so I guess my regen was hiding any lower braking. This type of thing you would probably only really see a difference in would be true emergency braking needs. My front brakes worked but they were not optimum.

I'll do front brakes and rotors next year with more 'EV' oriented parts. I think the pads will be NRS. NRS-EV Brake Pads for Electric Vehicles - NRS Brakes ie. comments from the ev mobile tech.
pads I use have a galvanized backing plate to help prevent rust and use a mechanical bonding method for the friction material instead of the traditional steel backing plate with glued on friction material. For rotors I use fully polymer coated rotors to resist rusting.
The rotors are not super special but the pads really help with lasting longer and helping fight rust and corrosion.
What is winter brake maintenance?

Brake Fluid Test
Tesla recommends testing brake fluid for contamination every 2 years and replacing as needed.

Winter Care
Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 12,500 mi for cars in cold weather regions.
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