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Cost of 2 new rear tyres ?

Nov 2019 Model 3 SR+ in for couple of small jobs with Tesla Belfast and told two rear tyres at 2mm and £550 to replace.

have to go back pronto on to replace or not?

Thoughts on going with Tesla or getting them replaced cheaper elsewhere ???
I expect they will be sourcing the specific Tesla ones with the sound mat inside. I wouldn't bother with that. Decent Michelin PS4 should be about £125 each from places like Camskill and there is a Michelin promotion on at the moment for cashback. They do the acoustic ones too, £170 each but no cash back.
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Black Circles £380 vs Tesla at £530

tesla admit you’ll get cheaper but do say some customers come back and report 3rd party tyres are louder (without the foam)

The only reports I've heard are that the non foam tyres are fine ... some people thought they sounded slightly "different" but not specifically louder. If the strip of foam costs more that £1 I would be surprised ...

(My winter tyres have no foam layer and they fall into the "different" category ... probably even more sensitive to particular road surfaces so on some roads are very quiet and on others quite loud!)
Could you just buy some similar foam and glue it in before getting the tyres fitted? Has anyone done this, or had a tyre fitter that will do it? As long as the glue is suitable for use on the tyre it should be fairly simple.

I would have to presume that the manufacturers have taken care to select the particular grade of foam that is going to do the job ... if you could source the exact product I'm sure you could DIY but I doubt you could find out what it is ... and maybe a different foam makes things worse! Given that foam free tyres seem to be fine I don't think it's worth trying.
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I priced up the same 18” Michelin tyres as were fitted on mine as original equipment. Cheapest price was from Asda. I think they were about £170 each. They were the ones with the foam in. They are about £20 more expensive than the same tyres without the foam and apparently they are more difficult to get hold of.
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I had a puncture in one of my rear 18" PS4 acoustics. The first attempt by the garage to plug it failed and I still had a slow leak. Bit the bullet and go a new tyre. They got a brand new PS acoustic to match and fit for 175 quid. It was ordered in the morning and delivered that afternoon. The acoustic foam inside the tyres looks nothing special and is literally just a bit of foam cut and glued in.