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CPO 70D to 75D upgrade

Hi! I’m posting this here to see if anyone has had a similar experience and what the outcome was.

Backstory: I bought a CPO refreshed 2016 model s “75d” back in March. When I first looked at the pictures, I noticed that it was a 75d and not a 70d. I asked my order specialist and he confirmed that it was upgraded/unlocked to a 75d.

When I took the delivery of the vehicle, I was a little suspicious since it was showing 190 miles left at a 90% charge. I asked the delivery specialist to double check if the battery was upgraded. She went to check in the back and confirmed that it was upgraded.

After taking the car back home, I charged it to 100% and noticed that my range was only 220 miles. I did more research and found that no 75d had that low of a range even with a few years of deterioration. I had to take my car to the service center for the break recall and asked them to run a battery diagnostic because of my concerns. The agent there told me that I did indeed have a 75d battery and there wasn’t much deterioration. When I pressed him on the average range from other users, he told me that the range would eventually fix itself once it got used to my “driving habits.”

Fast forward a few months and I noticed my range was at about ~218 on a full charge. I tried bringing the battery down to 5% a few times and charging it up to see if it would make a difference but nothing. I decided to call support and they confirmed that while I had a 75d battery, my car was never unlocked. To make matters worst, they checked my purchase agreement and there is a line that says range upgrade. They recommended me to the service center but appointments are full for the next 2 weeks. I called and was able to get a hold of someone but all they could tell me was that my S was showing up as a 75d even though they confirmed that the range was a little low.

The posting on my Model S sales page also showed a 0-60 of 4.2seconds but other people are saying to get that speed, the car has to be unlocked to 75 first.

I know it’s only a small upgrade in range but I’m more concerned/angry that Tesla mis-advertised their specs then had 3 different agents tell me the wrong info when I brought it up.

I have an appointment in 2 weeks but what should I do next? And if you have gone through this experience, what happened next or what should I ask to see at the service center?

Press the T button at the top of your screen. Does it say 70D or 75D in that window? If it says 70D then the car wasn't unlocked, if it says 75D then it was. Tesla can remotely unlock the car if you can reach the right person, but it might just be easier to get an appointment to have them do it at the service center.
That range sounds slightly off for an S75D and would be somewhat above average for degradation. For reference, my never locked, never corked, S75D charges to 234 miles at 100% after 37.7K miles and almost 2.5 years of mixed Supercharging and home charging.

See the other thread on the front page here about degradation/range reporting on the 75 for reference. It may be that Tesla clawed back the range unlock, the way they do Autopilot upgrades and additions when vehicles are transferred or traded ect.