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This is the first time I've happened to see one:

85 kWh Performance Model S 083053 | Tesla Motors

They've already sold several and several were for sale last time I checked. IMHO pricing is a bit on the high side as the CPO P85Ds seems to be priced even higher that some inventory P85D that can be bought with about $10K in rebates. People are still snatching up the P85Ds at the prices they are offering them but if you intent on buying one, look up the inventory options as you will likely get a much better deal on those.

Also by the end of the year the P85D CPO pricing should come close to $100K. Already a nicely loaded 85D with Autopilot sold for $81K and honestly that makes me question the point in anyone paying over $85K for a P85 or P85+ when for less you could buy a CPO 85D with AWD, Autopilot, and countless other refinements...