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CPO Warranty = second class owner?


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Nov 15, 2011
Denver, CO
I had my P85 in for a warranty repair. The charge port door was fixed quickly at no cost. When I brought the car in I also said that the power brake booster was noisy. I have seen this is a known noisy condition so I didn't think Tesla would do anything with it but wanted to be make sure it was OK. Their response was - the noise does not indicate a problem but since you have a CPO warranty we wouldn't be able to do anything about the noise. I'm not sure why my CPO Warranty was pointed out as a reason they wouldn't do anything about the noise. I suspect that this just may have been an excuse to not look at it and not put it on the service invoice as a concern. My car is an 10/2014 with 43K miles, Wouldn't it have still be covered under standard warranty anyway?

ToothSlayer's 17+ page short and to the point thread is making me question the CPO warranty comment.
Ill try to keep this short and to the point...

I know there was a recent change with reconditioning of "used inventory" purchases but is there something retroactively happening with CPO warranty too?
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Technically the New warranty doesn’t cover noises squeaks or rattles either, so it is no different than the CPO warranty. When the SC fixed rattles for me, it was always marked as Goodwill, not warranty. They would fix them on my CPO car, so I would guess this is a local SC thing

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The subtle little discrepancies are starting to pile up with Tesla. I don't care if the car is new or CPO, there's a certain standard that comes with buying a new car at over $80K. The same can be said when you're buying a used car at over $60K. Expectation management shouldn't be hidden for the customer to figure out.