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CPO-why do certain units keep popping in and out

Hey guys (hank especially if you are reading).
I've been eyeing a cpo p85 and it's been on and off the cpo site at least 5 times. Is tesla just refreshing it or could it be that someone tried to buy it and then backed out. If the latter does this mean that multiple people did the same thing. The unit in particular has nearly everything that I want but I've been waiting for a price drop. Sadly none of the reposts have resulted in such drop. If multiple people have tried to buy the car and cancelled then I'm concerned that there is something wrong with it. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks.
Does it change locations between the times that it shows up on the list? If it does, I would suspect that people are refusing delivery on the vehicle. If not, I would think it's simple that Tesla is limiting the total number of CPO vehicles that are available at any one time.
The answer is "who knows?". It could be any of those things. I know that TM is rotating units in and out of availability. At one point I was told that TM were going to put up all available CPO inventory on the CPO site, but that has not happened (evidenced by the fact that there are still "hidden" cars seemingly still available for sale. It also could be sold/unsold situation. Price or mileage changes wouldn't cause it to appear/disappear.