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Vendor CQuartz Finest - Our Choice for Protective Ceramic Glass Paint Coatings

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Former Vendor
Feb 17, 2015
Santa Clarita, CA

About CQuartz Finest Coatings

We LOVE what we do. We are car enthusiasts to the core, and our heart beats for horsepower, muscle cars, Harley’s and hot rods. We are in love with what Tesla has been doing – everything from the original S with its awesome in-dash screen and two trunks, replacing a battery faster than you can drink a cup of coffee, the insane mode on the P85D…. all of it makes our hearts beat a little (OK, after experiencing the insane mode A LOT) faster.

The Long Road to CQ Finest
We have been detailing and doing what is now referred to as paint correction for over 20 years now, and honestly, back when coatings first came out, we thought people doing them were crazy. We tried them all over the years, and to us it seemed like they came with a whole lot of promises and not a lot of action to back them up. To make matters worse, they were often sold to customers as if they were a miracle product which would always leave customers disappointed. We like things clear cut and simple. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we only want to offer our customers products and services that will make them happy in the long run. Coatings simply didn’t live up to the hype.

The Need for a Coating
Without a good coating, flawless paint has either not lasted a long time or has required a ton of upkeep. Our customers want their paint to be perfect (or near perfect) all of the time. It really has been a shame all these years to go nuts doing flawless paint correction on a car (removing all the swirls, water etchings, imperfections, etc.) and then hand the keys over to the customer, with them knowing that if they didn’t take PERFECT care of their car, we’d be back at square one: polishing their car again. We’ve had to keep this in mind during paint correction and make sure not to go too deep to make sure we had the room to do correction when it was needed again. At that time we would offer sealants, which worked great at offering solid protection and shine for months, even up to a year or more. Or, if the customer needed a lot of protection, we could offer a self healing paint protection film (AKA paint armor / clear bra). But we didn’t have a heavy duty option in between sealants and paint protection film for customers who weren’t able to paint armor their entire car. Fortunately, technology has a way of catching up to what we need, and we knew that one day the coating market would probably offer up a really neat product. One that actually protected really well, and lasted a long time, with a deep gloss - but we didn’t want ANYTHING that overstated what it did. So for a couple of years now, we have been keeping an eye on the coatings market, watching, and privately testing, monitoring our results, and finding out everything we could before offering anything publicly.

Enter: CQuartz
We first heard about CQuartz Finest (and the other coatings in the lineup) through our tight knit circle of Shine Supply authorized dealers. We love these guys, they are like our brothers and we share everything with them. When they were stoked with the results they were getting from CQuartz Finest, we listened to their feedback and gave it a shot. When we first tried it, we loved the results! But we were still skeptical. We’ve been around the block a few times and knew that a great product would not only perform well at first, but over the test of time as well.

The Verdict
After using this product consistently, on a variety of cars, and watching these cars over time, we are thrilled with this coating and became an authorized detailer and installer. Both we and our Shine Supply Family are seeing the product claims be met in every way. This coating:

Resists Water: Water is not just beading, but practically jumps off the car like it’s afraid. They call it “hydrophobic” and we think that’s pretty fitting!

Self Cleaning Effect: Dirt, road grime, bugs, bird droppings, and even sap and pollen do not stick to the paint nearly as much as it does to regular waxes and sealants. It is taking much longer for cars we coat to get dirty. Once dirt does start to stick a little, it glides off with very little effort. This makes washing and cleaning much easier. We set our customers up with a simple and effective eco-wash system to make sure to maintain their coating and make sure they do not inflict any swirls.

Greater Resistance to Swirls: Speaking of swirls, CQuartz Finest is a lot more resistant to swirls than most other products, but it is not a miracle product. It still needs to be taken care of properly since the coating itself can get tiny scratches from wash marring. The great news is that even if that does occur, it is not happening to your car’s clear coat, it is happening to the coating. That means we have a lot more material to work with to correct the coating and paint again if needed.

Hard and Thick: The protective glass coating is super protective and measurable, adding 2~3µm of thickness to your vehicle’s surface. The way the coating is developed makes it extremely hard and act like glass, which is why it is called a glass coating. One time, we were doing a removal of some paint armor after CQuartz had been applied. After seeing paint protection being removed next to the CQ Finest glass coating, we were really surprised to see the coating wasn’t just measurable, but was so thick that we could actually see the line where it had touched up against the clear bra film.

Very High Gloss: There is also an insane amount of gloss, deeper and wetter than any product we had tried yet. In fact, almost every single CQ Finest customer has commented that, after installing this coating, they constantly have random people coming up to them and commenting on the way their car looks. People who do not know cars, and do not know paint correction or protection, are drawn to and can not get over how much gloss they are seeing. That’s a pretty awesome thing to hear if you ask us!

How does it work?

Here is the very basic technical description of what it does. We are hands-on kind of people, but we know that this information can be important to some people so we wanted to share it.

Scientists use nanotechnology to make materials at a molecular level to take create ultra-tight bonds and complex, 3-Dimensional structures that result in materials with higher strength, lighter weight, and greater chemical reactivity than ever before.

Using nano-technology, CQuartz Finest combines inorganic Sio2 (Silicone Dioxide, AKA Quartz) and organic Nano-Crystalline Cellulose using organic and inorganic silanes. Once the CQuartz Finest coating is applied to the surface of your vehicle, it uses the oxygen and water in the air (atmospheric humidity) to form an incredibly tough nanocomposite crystal which is chemically bonded to the paint surface. This makes a new surface that is a 2~3µm thick, glass-like nano-ceramic coating, with the ability to resist heat up to 1000 F. This coating and all of its features (protection, hydrophobicity, gloss, dirt repellency, and UV protection) essentially become an integral part of your vehicle's surface.

The CQuartz Name
We love this coating and are thrilled to put our name on it. Not only does the current product work awesome, but CarPro, the maker of CQuartz Finest, is not stopping there. They truly listen to their authorized detailers and installers, testing the product in extreme weather conditions around the world, taking all of our feedback and constantly improving the product. We know that there could always be another product down the road that might perform better. But we know that sticking with a company who truly cares will mean that in the long run, we will be able to offer our customers a product that we are a part of and that gets better and better from listening to what its users are saying.

The CQ Family
Not only do we love the CQuartz Finest product itself, and we love the company too. Like the Shine Supply family, the CQuartz Finest Authorized Detailers and Installers are a tight knit group of guys who passionate about what they do, share advice and troubleshoot problems together. We have even seen them help one another figure out how much a car has been polished after it changed hands and the new owner brought it to another CQuartz Finest installer. Each one has the skills and ability to correct and protect cars at a high level and we have nothing but respect for each one as an expert installer. When we talk with customers who are looking for our services but are out of the area, we are happy to recommend another CQuartz Finest Installer since they offer a only very high quality as well.

Doing Right by Our Customers
This product comes with a 2 year warrantee against fading, peeling, or loss of significant gloss. But we offer much more than a warrantee. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated. After installing CQuartz Finest on a customer’s vehicle, we offer for them to come in to show them how to properly do an eco-wash on their car, which will keep the coating in top condition. We want to make sure they feel comfortable caring for their car and know how to do it right. We also have our customers come by once in a while, a minimum of every 4 – 6 months, for a wash / mini-detail depending on what they need. We use this time to personally make sure the products we use are doing what they should. If for any reason a coating doesn’t live up to our (very exacting) standards, our customer will never know it. We simply fix the problem. To us, that means much more than a simple warrantee. Our customers know they are choosing much more than a product, they are choosing a company that will always do right by them. And to us, that is the true meaning of “Details Done Right”.

*CQuartz Finest is the top product in a line of coatings for almost every material on your vehicles surface. We also offer other coatings in this same product line for paint, leather, cloth, interior, convertible tops, carpet, glass and more.


Apr 21, 2015
santa clarita, ca
5 stars for Impression Auto Salon. Brian does amazing work, super detailed quality work. He did a full color correction and CQuartz Finest on my MS 85. He basically erased 3 years of wear from the paint and made it look better than brand new. He loves cars as much as I do, so it makes it really easy to communicate and tailor a plan for your car. He's made a loyal customer out of me. Can't recommend enough.

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