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Cracked Rear Window

Well this is unfortunate... my M3 has about 3600 miles on it and this morning I noticed a crack in the rear glass on the leading edge - so the position is just aft of the seam between the center panel and the rear panel - perfectly centered. No damage is visible, but it sure looks like it’s defective or cracked from stress. Anyone experience anything like this?
I have a 9/18 build and also had a crack a few months ago that started meandering up from the bottom of the rear glass, just above the trunk area. No damage whatsoever so it appeared to be a stress crack. They repaired it no problem.
Make an appointment via the app., explain concisely the issue. They'll contact you via text asking for at least 2 pictures, close up and further to determine location. They'll likely send you a docusign work order listing the cost for repairs. Don't sign it if you think it's a warranty repair.

Take it in on your appointed appointment time, discuss this with your service writer, make sure that everything is to your satisfaction. If they have the part in it will take 2 maybe 3 days turnaround depending on their work load. Ask for a loaner Tesla, if you don't get a loaner because they are out, you'll get Uber credit for use.

I had to do this a month ago, stress crack bottom lip of rear glass between two heating element about 1.5". For that piece of glass it would have been $750ish out of pocket if not for warranty.
Most of the stress fractures on the Model 3 rear glass have historically manifested as just a growing "line" or fracture limited to the innermost layer of the glass. There have been cases of people getting warranty claims rejected if an actual crack could be detected (with a finger, pen, etc.) on the surface, as those kind of cracks are usually associated with impact with an object.

I don't claim to know the physics behind how automotive glass cracks, so perhaps Tesla introduced a new manufacturing flaw where it can crack like this, or something actually hit your rear glass without you noticing. Several months ago, there was an active thread on TMC where a handful of us noticed the exact same kind of rear glass fracture manifest on our cars (size, shape, origin point, etc.), and it was too coincidental to be isolated incidents. Unfortunately, it was during a time of a nationwide backorder on the rear glass as well, so that was not fun.

Anyway, I hope Tesla makes it right for you, and there is not a long wait on the rear glass.
Just noticed a stress crack on my rear window too.... very hard to see at all from the outside, but pretty easy to detect from within car. I've scheduled an appt.

I got the same exact crack on both sides on the window, can't see it from the outside, and does'nt seem to extend all the way to the edge. Let me know how the service appointment goes.
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