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Crazy uk tesla driver.

(Haven't read the article, it might be there too, but) I heard he said, in court, that "he was just unlucky" to get caught - implying that everyone does that. What an idiot ...

I wouldn't take my hand off the wheel on AP. I've never had a crash-threatening incident ( in n0,000's miles of AP driving), but clearly at least two people have been killed on AP by not being able to react to a situation in time ... the problem, as I see it, is the false-sense-of-security that mile-after-mile of fault-free AP driving gives :(
Personally I think this guy is an absolute moron.

People are lining up to criticise Tesla because, IMHO, they are jealous/envious of the fact that a company can shake to the foundations an industry that has lived in the dark ages for 50 years or more.

All this person has done is add fuel to the fire of petty minded individuals who, had they been around at the time, would have refused to acknowledge the wheel and remarked 'it'll never work, lets stick with what we've got'

Everyone does silly things at some stage of their life, but this moronic behaviour is inexcusable.

:mad: or :rolleyes: take your choice!
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