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Creative Condo Charging Solution

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Before I decided to buy my Model S, my biggest question was "How am I going to charge it?". This because I live in a 2nd floor condo with no garage and my parking spaces being on the opposite side of the parking lot from my condo's actual location. When my good friend, whose parking spaces are near my unit, promised to let me park there if I bought the car, I decided to just pull the trigger and worry about the other details later. When my Model S finally arrived, I ended up just using a long 120v heavy duty extension cord that I ran from my Lanai to my UMC and then to the car. I had inquired with my HOA about installing a real charger, but was told it would probably take 2 years just to find out if I would be allowed to, which obviously didn't work for me. Never intending to use the "trickle charge" method forever, I hired an electrician (also a friend) to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet on my Lanai, and also build me a custom 50 ft extension cord that could handle the power requirements. The following are pictures of my setup. I know several owners have unique charging setups, and this is one of them. :smile:




When I'm not charging, I just have the extension cord coiled up under the Plumeria tree unplugged from power.

I have never had a single complaint from any of my neighbors. In fact, most of them have complemented me on how awesome my car is. My advice to other condo owners who really want a Model S, and who can afford it: If you have any control over the situation at all, do what you need to do to make it work!
Is this toward the north end of Kihei by any chance?? My wife was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled through the photos and said 'hey, I know that place!' Apparently looked at units there more than a decade ago... or a place just like it. LOL....

@beeeerock, this is in south Kihei, not far from Wailea. I think I know the condos your wife was thinking of, because there is a complex in north Kihei with similar style buildings. My complex is better, though :wink:.
You don't think someone might trip over the cord? Seems like a hazard to me.

@davewill, I worried about this at first, but couldn't find anything that in my opinion didn't make it worse. I really didn't have much choice, given my situation. As it is, I try to minimize the hazard by where and how I place the cord, and when I charge. As I said, my nearby neighbors have all been cool with it.

@KJD, Thanks for your suggestion.