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Cripple Creek, CO Tesla Rally - August 13, 2016

Submitted by Napoleonblownapart on July 25, 2016


EVENT DATE: Saturday, August 13, 2016.

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR ALL ATTENDEES: There is charging in Cripple Creek but DO NOT DEPEND ON USING IT during the hours of the rally (about 10 AM to 6 PM). The City has taken over control of the rally and will not tell me how charging will be allocated, (if at all). Anyone with a Tesla should have no problem making a round trip if they leave Colorado Springs with 50% charge or more. Tesla owners: There is a Supercharger in downtown Colorado Springs. If you have less than 50% charge, stop there and get a quick blast prior to departing for Cripple Creek. Also: Teslas! Please do not use any of the J1772 universal chargers at all! PLEASE reserve the J1772s for vehicles OTHER THAN Teslas! Thanks!

Although it is called a Tesla rally, we, of the CSEVC, are inviting all our members (driving other vehicles) to make the trip with us. Other shorter-range vehicles WILL REQUIRE CHARGING in Cripple Creek. We would like to HOPE that the Tesla owners will allow shorter range vehicles to charge during the event IF POSSIBLE. Charging during the event is not guaranteed! If you WILL need charging, PLEASE consider driving extra early and charging extra early (or extra late, after the event). Alternately, SPEND THE NIGHT in Cripple Creek. You will SURELY be able to charge at one of the three (or four?) J1772 chargers during the evening.

The Colorado Springs Supercharger: If you stop by there during BUSINESS HOURS, you just take a ticket. When you leave, you just give the attendant the ticket and tell him/her this is a Tesla. If you were there for less than an hour, your visit is free. If more than an hour, $0.75 per additional hour. This Tesla Rally is taking place on a SATURDAY, NOT BUSINESS HOURS! It will cost you $1 (Parking Fee). Sorry! BEST WAY: Have a new $1 bill on hand. When you pull into the parking garage, just put the $1 bill into the bill accepter. The gate will go up and you are in. The EIGHT superchargers are off to your left. THEORETICALLY, the entrance machines also take COINS, and SOME credit cards! Look on the machine. If your brand of credit card is not pictured, it won’t take it! CASH IS KING!

No RSVPs are required to attend, just show up. If you would like, please send an email to me, Mac McCauley. That will help me judge possible attendance! Thanks!! [email protected]



8:30 AM: Anyone wishing to drive from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek in a group, meet at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space in Manitou Springs. This Open Space is located just off Hwy 24. Driving West from Colorado Springs, take the Ridge Road exit from Hwy 24. It is the NEXT exit past the 31st Street exit. Turn left onto Ridge Road. After a VERY SHORT drive, there is a parking lot on the left. Just meet there. Depart within 15 or 20 minutes for Cripple Creek.

10 AM: If driving on your own, (or coming from a different direction than Colorado Springs), meet in the Cripple Creek Heritage Center parking lot. The Heritage Center is a turnoff on the right just before you enter the City of Cripple Creek itself. If you see the Wildwood Casino, turn back, you have missed the Heritage Center.

10:30 a.m. – Grand parade of Tesla (and other electrics) through Cripple Creek, down Bennett Avenue. The parade will end (like last year) at the City of Cripple Creek Municipal Parking Lot, at the corner of 4th Street and Bennett Ave.

11:00 a.m. – 4:00pm – VEHICLES ON DISPLAY! Many locals and tourists will come to view your car. There will be beer, food, live music, and fun in the parking lot near your vehicles.

5:00 p.m. – Drive to the Wildwood Casino and go inside for a private cocktail reception for Tesla/EV owners (only) at Wildwood Casino. Last year, they had some yummy snacks and h’orderves to go with the free drinks.

About 6:00 PM: Event is over! Spend the night or drive back home.


1. Charging is very limited in Cripple Creek. Teslas should charge in Colorado Springs at the Supercharger PRIOR to the event.
2. If possible, plan to spend the night in Cripple Creek. Many of the casinos have hotels. MOST casinos will give you a FREE ROOM with some casino gambling. At the Wildwood Casino, for example, you can get a free room with 650 points earned. In addition, the Wildwood Casino recently took over ownership of the Cripple Creek Motel, which is located directly across the street from the Wildwood. There are rumors that Wildwood will rent you one of those rooms for (starting at) $58. Just call and ask! Some lodging telephone numbers are below.
3. We, the CSEVC, are VERY CONCERNED with the FREE COCKTAIL PARTY in the evening. If you will be drinking those FREE DRINKS, please have a nondrinking copilot to drive you home. We feel that after drinking, it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to drive 45 miles of winding, dark, mountain roads to get back to Colorado Springs. In addition, CSEVC members UNDER 21 YEARS OLD are not invited to the cocktail party or any casino. All of our members with accompanying children last year, DID NOT ATTEND the cocktail event! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU STAY SAFE THIS YEAR!!!

Some Cripple Creek Lodging Telephone Numbers:

1. Wildwood Casino: (719) 244-9700 Note: One Tesla HPWC + one J1772 charger in parking lot.
2. Gold King Inn (owned by the Wildwood Casino) Same phone number as above. NOTE: Reported to have two NEW charging stations.
3. Century Casino: (719) 689-0333 extension 450 Note: One Tesla HPWC + one J1772 charger in parking lot.
4. Bronco Billy’s Casino: (719) 689-0353
5. Double Eagle Casino: (719) 689-5000
6. Three casinos operated by one operator, The Brass Ass, The Midnight Rose, and McGill’s Casinos: Booking: 1-800-635-5825
7. Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park (not a casino): (719) 423-7183 Note: This hotel has an adjacent RV Park!
8. Carr Manor: (719) 689-3709 Note: One HPWC (only 32 Amps) for guests only.
Checked today! Gold King Inn does NOT have two new charging stations. Cripple Creek Hospitality House & Travel Park is EV friendly. They do not have any hotel availability during the event, but any other time, just call ahead for charging availability at the RV park. Join Zax, Craz, and the entire Colorado Springs EV Club for a PLEASANT day in the mountains!!! Mac