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Crunching Metal Noise when accelerating/slowing

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I have 2013 Model S. For the past few months, I've heard creaking sounds when turning sharply on a grade. Went to service, they said they need to replace steering rack bolt shims but had none in stock. Never got any update on parts ordered for repair.

Anyways, the past few days, been hearing crunching sounds on slow acceleration/de-acceleration. Nothing was hit/bumped.

I'm a bit worried something bigger is wrong. I guess maybe it could be these bolts loosening/the shims? Just seems odd as this is completely new and intermittent (even weirder). Hoping for any advice from fellow Tesla owners who experienced similar.

Made another service appt but earliest was 10 days out. See below for video. The audio isn't great at capturing the noise - it sounds much worse in the car. Maybe next time I'll lower the windows.

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Could be something stupid like a pebble trapped between the rotor and dust shield OR could be a broken/damaged suspension one blink away from leaving you stranded (best outcome).

Stick your phone behind the wheels and shoot some video (light on, move around slowly) to see if any of the suspension links are broken. Front fore links are common but the rear lower links are also problematic.

Unless you can rule out a real suspension issue, I wouldn’t drive it at all. Have it towed to Tesla and get them to fix it ASAP

p.s. I couldn’t hear anything recognizable on the video.