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Curious About Title Stuff

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I have been doing some shopping for another MS for the family. Recently, I have come across several cars that have a rebuilt title. I usually shy away from these cars since it voids the warranty from Tesla unless you pay gobs of money for them to inspect the car and certify it again (is that correct?). Anyway, this morning I was reading through eBay and came across this description:

"This Title is Salvage due to water ingress. Water entered through broken glass on the passenger front door. All parts and control units that were damaged were repaired at a local Tesla Store. This vehicle is still supported by Tesla."

If all of the damage was repaired at Tesla, why is the title considered rebuilt? My understanding was if Tesla did the necessary repairs, the title shouldn't be considered rebuilt. If anyone can shine any light on this, I would be grateful.

In case you want to check out the listing, here you go:
2016 Tesla Model S | eBay
Vehicles get a salvage title from the state after an insurer writes the car off, and a rebuilt title after someone rebuilds the car and passes a state inspection. The manufacturer has no say in this.

Generally, Tesla will not provide support for a previously salvaged vehicle, unless (as you mentioned) it was repaired and subsequently recertified by Tesla. It seems this may have been the case here.

However, the description both says it has a 'clean KS title in hand' and yet says 'the title is salvage'. Seems like the seller may be confused as to what a clean title is. I would verify with the seller on what repairs were done and if the car was recertified by Tesla or not.