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Current Inventory


After the EOQ push fleet wise inventory seems really low. New S/X are 10-14 weeks out so either they are building a huge backlog of pre-orders for those or Europe will get the refresh first? M3 is to be expected with exporting but a few Ys seem to be trickling out of the factory to fulfill prior orders so maybe that number will creep up over the next few weeks with lots of end of April delivery dates being posted. Crazy that the US inventory is down to 173 cars total across all models. And 8 of the 63 Ys are demo vehicles.
They yanked a bunch of inventory off the website after the Q1 push was over, they were still available even on 3/31 but they basically wiped them from public view. Some inventory cars do still exist that the sales associates can see but they don't seem to be the same cars that were there on the last day of the quarter. I know they were selling the demo floor cars to try and get everything out the door but maybe they're back to being demo vehicles now and not for sale?
I honestly wish Tesla wouldn't play these stupid inventory games every damn quarter.
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