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Custom Rim options on my 2017 Tesla Model S

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I Just brought a 2017 Model S 75.
I understand my Model S has 245/45ZR19 Tires and 8Jx19 Rims with 5x120 bolt pattern.

I'm looking at getting King Milano Satin Black Rims, either 19" or 20" however I don't know which of these sets will fit my car.

The sizes on the custom rims are as follows:
For 19 Inch:

For 20 Inch:

The two things I'd really appreciate help with is which set will fit my car without any extra modifications or clearance/fitting problems
I know I'll need new tires for the 20 Inch ones, I want to make sure first my plausible options before I settle on size increase or not.

Thank you for the help!
I can't tell you what offset to buy but that wheel only has one 5x120mm in 19" and two in 20". I would really try to find a wheel with a 64.1mm center bore, dealing with hub rings gets old after a while and it's not a perfect substitute for wheels that actually fit right to start with.
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From this list I would choose the 19” x 8,5. These 20” rims sets does not clear the suspension at front (20”x8,5 might, but the offset is too small - you need at least 5mm spacers there). You can ask for the suitable spigot rings per the previous comment, they do work as I use too. All depends on the custom rims designe. Here is one sketch that I mage for myself (not to scale) which can give you some perspective as what changes if the parameters do increase. Green lines are OEM 19”

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Thank you for the responses.
I will definitely stick to the 19" x8.5, they seem to be supported by my local dealers for the car.

I also read that the increase to 20 inch "can" make the car ride feel less smooth and the max distance slightly less which I personally think outweighs the aesthetic difference. As well as the above mentioned issues which I don't want to deal with.
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