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Cybertruck in sub. -30C temperatures

-30 is just plain miserable and cars/trucks feel the same way. That said, it's a lot easier to start my Tesla than it is to start the diesel tractors in the morning. Range takes a hit and at -30 I'd probably count on about 50% when doing travel planning if starting from dead cold. The outbound trip is helped a lot by preconditioning the battery. And here's a tip if you have a Performance version -- Ludicrous Plus has "Max Battery Power" which heats the battery somewhere above 40C. I get "springtime" range when I start out that way. But returning home after a full day of cooling off? Still miserable.


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Jul 24, 2017
Greenville Wisconsin
I have a 2014 S. Heating battery to ludicrous mode temps to cope with cold is a foolish waste of energy, the only purpose it might serve would be staying warmer once parked. I think running some preheating partway thru the day would work a lot better to hold off a full cold soak.

Pack takes time to reach ambient temperature, preheating while plugged in helps offset what some have coined the "departure tax".
I have parked my at work at -20f at work which is pretty close to -30c and by the time I left had the temp all the way up to -18c, it will double or triple energy use for the first few miles but it handles it.

I wouldn't go leaving it at the airport for days at -30c not plugged in but for a shift at work is fine in my experience with the S.
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Apr 23, 2015
We had a solid month last year where the temp never rose above -30.
Plan your trips accordingly.
Just like the winter of '97. How I remember that year.

So, there I was, crossing the street by Midtown plaza. Guy tried to run a red light, had to brake hard to avoid hitting pedestrians crossing with the light. He rolls down the window, -30something, and starts swearing at them, as if it was their fault he had to brake. And then, he turns, and starts swearing at me!
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May 3, 2017
Would be great if they offered a battery heater option, instead of just relying on waste heat. Reduced regen on a CT, would put some serious load on those brakes.
The new drive units can operate in an inefficient heating mode, even which stationary. Same net result as the original S/X inline heater.


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Nov 5, 2016
Alberta, Canada
I'm more concerned about how the rear bed cover is going to hold up in winter. The button to operate it faces upward. Will freezing rain or melting snow get in there and freeze damaging the mechanism? Will snow on the cover get pulled into where the cover is stored when you open it and cause damage?


Nov 22, 2019
Brakes will be capable without regen, would be wildly irresponsible to figure regen into safely stopping a load.
That said pack will warm quickly towing.
Yeah, I know they’d put robust brakes in, I just hate using brakes anytime now, haha. Any amount I have to use them I feel like I’m “chewing” through them. Term used lightly in this context.

That said, agree that towing will definitely heat up pack very nicely!

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