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Damien's Supercharger Visit Log

Discussion in 'Charging Standards and Infrastructure' started by damienvu, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. damienvu

    damienvu Member

    Aug 29, 2013
    #1 damienvu, Dec 20, 2013
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    There are so many Superchargers now, I thought its high time I attempt to visit each one, starting with the ones on this side of the pond. I hope to document many great adventures on this thread. Wish me luck and hope to meet some of you at a Supercharger some time.

    # Date First Visit
    Roseville, CA

    • Roseville is the third supercharger within 50 miles of our house, how lucky are we!
    • The SC just opened yesterday
    • This is going to mean many more trips to Roseville for absolutely no reason at all
    • IMG_4826tn.jpg
    9 12-29-2013 Gilroy, CA
    • Now this is an expensive Supercharger!
    • First port I plugged into was only charging at 21miles/hr, but luckily there were a few empty spots so I switched to better spot.
    • Looks like there are still some construction around the SC.
    • photo 5.JPG
    8 12-29-2013 Atascadero, CA
    • We used to visit Morro Bay quite a bit so we're familiar with the area.
    • Charged up to the max range while we ate lunch at Denny's.
    • photo 3.JPG
    • photo 4.JPG
    7 12-29-2013 Buelton, CA
    • Traveled up the 101 on the way back from LA (mostly so I can add to this list)
    • Not much to see in Buelton, although there's a nice Marriott if you need to overnight here; in fact, there was a MS from Arizona parked here.
    • Had some breakfast at the McDonald's next door and we were on our way.
    • photo 1.JPG
    • photo 2.JPG
    6 12-27-2013 Los Angeles, CA
    • Stopped at the Hawthorne Supercharger to pick up some electrons for various trips around town. I wasn't the only one with the same idea. Was there for about 30 minutes and there were at least 6 cars waiting at various points in time. Most if not all of them were locals.
    • This location definitely has the coolest Supercharger sign!
    • The design center has a Model X, which doesn't look quite as big in person; can't wait to test drive it.
    • Noticed a 19" turbine wheel at the design center. Might investigate getting that option as opposed to my 21" turbines.
    • photo 1.JPG
    • photo 2.JPG
    • photo 3.JPG
    5 12-24-2013 Tejon Ranch, CA
    • Drove from Harris to Tejon quite speedily. Passed a couple of Porches and Audis on the way. That was too much fun.
    • Took a short break at the Starbucks. Have stopped at Tejon more times than I can count, but first time in a Tesla. It makes all the difference.
    • photo 2.JPG
    4 12-24-2013 Harris Ranch, CA
    • On our way down to LA for Christmas, we first SCed at Folsom and then headed to Harris Ranch. The trip was a good 200 miles. We made it with 30 miles to spare starting with 268 miles of rated range.
    • Another Tesla had just been unloaded from a tow truck when we pulled up to the SC. Guess they under estimated the range.
    • Ate at the Harris Ranch restaurant. Excellent spot for meat lovers! No so much for vegetarians.
    • photo 1.JPG
    3 12-20-2013 Vacaville, CA
    • Attended the opening ceremony at Vacaville. What a great turnout! Haven't seen so many Teslas in one spot since the factory. This site should be very convenient for my drive to and from Sunnyvale. Oh, picked up a birthday gift for my mom at the outlet too :smile:
    • photo.JPG
    • photo4.JPG
    • photo 1.JPG
    • photo 2.JPG
    2 09-29-2013 Folsom, CA
    • Attended Sac EV National Plugin Day Events, helpfully located at Folsom SC site
    • photo.jpg
    1 09-28-2013 Fremont, CA
    • Picked up Moby, yay! SCed for the trip home
    • IMG_1247.jpg
  2. glhs272

    glhs272 Unnamed plug faced villian

    Aug 21, 2013
    Burlington, WI
    Damien, while your at it start a "Supercharger Travel Guide". Some notes on nice places to eat, things to look for, and etc. at each supercharger would be cool...

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