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Dark Grey Turbines

So here is a couple images. If anyone is serious and wants pics of each wheel i'll do it but only for serious buyers. Its a chore to take them each out of the box and get them back in nicely for shipping. But this will show you that they are flawless and genuine tesla turbines :)


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not to threadjack and grats on your sale... but why would someone want staggered? I have Dual motor would i want Stag or Square? just curious as i am about to look for turbines
There’s lots of theory out there on the topic, you can read up if your more interested, but it goes: more rubber in contact with the ground = better traction/put down. My personal opinion is, unless I’ve got a P model and enjoy using the P to its potential often there’s no point in the extra weight it adds. More weight=less range however minuscule range loss it is, it is still more important to me personally to have more range.
There’s lots of theory out there on the topic, you can read up if your more interested, but it goes: more rubber in contact with the ground = better traction/put down.

This is not the case.. there is no more rubber on the road with staggered rims/tires. The total area of the contact patch is constant, it just changes shape a tiny bit. Staggered rims also do not give you any additional forward traction, they provide a tiny margin of additional lateral grip in turns, and even then, only at the far extremes of handing and performance. Unless you're on a track at the limits of tire adhesion, you'll never notice the difference that a staggered setup provides.

Staggered rims also do not provide any visual differences. "Staggered" setups on some cars mean the front wheels are smaller in diameter than the rear wheels, like in the Delorean, for instance, had 14x6" wheels in the front, and 15x8" wheels on the back, a very noticable difference. But the staggered wheels on the Tesla setups are only 0.75" larger in width, in the rears. The 21" wheel diameter is the same front to back. 0.75" is about the width of your thumb, and you really can't see the additional width just looking at the tires, and there's really no point of view where you can both the full width of the front tires compared to the rears to see the slightly larger rear tires. What does the width of your thumb look like 10 feet away? I cringe when I hear people say how the staggered rims gives their Model S a mean, aggressive, stance. Not.

What staggered rims do provide is ego, bragging rights, and the placebo of better handling during normal driving.

Side note: A square setup also allows you to rotate your tires front to back for longer tread wear, and allows you to access many more tire choices for summer and winter setups. Staggered rims severely limit your tire choices.
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Thank you both for the answers!
Just to clarify the miscommunication. With the Tesla S factory staggered setup the tires are 245/35R21’s fronts and 265/35R21’s rears (245mm and 265mm tread-width). So there is more rubber and width on the road (the definition of contact patch), plus the rear rolling diameter is greater than the front on the staggered setup because the rears are still 35 series profile therefore the sidewall is 35% of 265 mm versus the fronts only being 35% of 245 mm. The difference is not great but still a difference. Whether you could ever notice the difference while driving is a different story. Perception is everything just like the folks that swear the + cars are a real "handling" car when in reality virtually any BMW will easily out corner them on a track due to the Tesla excessive weight versus contact patch size. Tesla’s are incredible straight line performance cars but not track cars anyway. The options for tires are greater without staggering the tire sizes because there are fewer options when looking for matching tires in both 245 and 265 sizes.
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