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Dashboard Bubble

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I've had my M3 AWD LR since March. A couple of months ago I noticed a bubble started in front of the passenger seat on top of the dashboard. I've got an appointment in a week at an SC to get the dashboard replaced. Anyone else had issues like this? Can the SC do this replacement in an afternoon?
I've had my M3 AWD LR since March. A couple of months ago I noticed a bubble started in front of the passenger seat on top of the dashboard. I've got an appointment in a week at an SC to get the dashboard replaced. Anyone else had issues like this? Can the SC do this replacement in an afternoon?
I’ve read it takes a number of hours. They have to take apart most of the dash.
I've read some threads on this...mind sharing a photo?[/QUOT
bubbling pics
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I wonder if it is likely to just get worse over time and how worse... I wonder if you could document it with Tesla and just decide at a later date to do the replacement if it gets ever worse... That would indeed annoy me on a new car though.
here is the thread:

Bubble like issue on dashboard

Mine is going in next week for replacement. I've surveyed a number of folks on that thread that had the procedure done and it seems like humpty gets put back together again with no issues. That is what I'm hoping for as well. A lot of stuff must come off but everything is very modular on this car so it "should" be fairly straightforward. Wish you luck as I am wishing the same for myself.
I debated whether to get mine done or not as well but I had to go thru a little bologna to get the job approved under warranty (initially told me not covered due to sunlight, lol, 8k miles on car and garage kept 22hrs a day (as if that should even matter). The longer you wait the more likely they will say at some point it is not a warranty issue. If you do wait at least get the diagnosis and approval for work and have them document you are going to hold off to see if it gets worse. Just my 2 cents.
Yes, mine is a 2019 (picked up in March) with about 6500 miles and spends a huge portion of its time out of the sun since it's garage parked at home and at work. The first bubble started to appear a couple of months back. Now there are smaller ones it seems to start near the original. It's going into service next week for a dashboard replacement. Still wondering though when they will work on replacing the driver's seat which I complained about shortly after picking it up. It was seen at the SC and last month a mobile mechanic came out and replaced the seat bolts, which didn't help. Issue: slight tilt rearward on acceleration. I'm hoping they'll take care of this then as well. But no guarantees.
I brought it in today. The good news, they gave me a Model S 85D as a loaner although it's a 2015 with 40k miles on it. But still in good condition. They said the dashboard won't take long to replace but they wanted to take video and check more on the seat issue. After it being checked in the SC months ago where they said the seat would need replacing but it would be some time to get it, then the mobile visit where they replaced a couple of seat bolts and now it's sitting in the SC so they can figure out what's going on with the seat, I hope they don't need to hold on to it for too long. But at least I get to drive a Model S until they take care of it, or tell me again the seat needs to be replaced, it's been adjusted to fix or whatever it takes.
I swear every loaner I have ever received, and I have had a lot from multiple locations, is always a 2015 with the mobileye autopilot I think it is.

My car sat out in the sun at service for 7 weeks and I can see a bubble starting to form... Not enough to tear a dash apart for but I hope it doesn't get too big.
So the car wasn't completed after 2 days. The dash was replaced so no more bubble and they said they fixed the seat. Well, the dash is fixed but the driver seat still rocks. So I had to reach out to the SC rep I was working with and have to see perhaps about taking it back there and showing them it's still an issue next week.

Something interesting about the 2015 Model S loaner. I backed out of a parking space and heard this really bad sounding noise from the front end. Stopped the car immediately. Got out and looked and the sound baffle from the passenger side wheel well was under the tire and the plastic front part of the wheel well was now out of place and close to the tire. Somehow the baffle must have come loose and when i backed up, the baffle went under the tire and ripped the rest of it off. I managed to push the inner plastic wheel well back in place so it wouldn't hit the front tire. Then through the torn baffleminto the trunk. Anyone ever heard of this happening before? When I brought it back the next day, I let the SC service writer know what happened. He made no big deal of it so it must be something they've had to deal with before.
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An update on the seat. After 2 previous SC visits and one mobile visit, I brought it in on Tuesday with another SC appointment. Service Writer told me to make an SC appointment so they could take a video of the issue. I'm thinking, great, another 30-minute drive to the SC so I can sit around while they do that. However, to my surprise, the seat replacement was already ordered and had arrived. Today I got to pick up my car with the brand new driver's seat. It took 8 months but I finally don't rock backward on acceleration.
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Seats do take a long time to be made and delivered based on our previous experience. Tesla manufacturers their own seats. We had one of our MS leather ventilated seats replaced in the first year due to excessive creasing. Of course the car was still drivable so just a cosmetic issue to get fixed basically, but when it came in they replaced it in one day. We were happy with the new seat. They do take care of you. Still I’m sure understaffed in places from our perspective and running lean on parts inventory.