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Dashcam Group Buy - GTA Only - Model S, 3, and X!

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I've been sitting on the sidelines hoping we'd get the AP Cam's as Dashcams like Elon promised, but now as he confirmed that won't be till at least Software V10 (we've been on 8 since 2016), I don't think its worth waiting anymore.

I called a few people individually and going rate is $600-$800 depending on camera "REGULAR PRICE".

A couple places said we can work out a deal if we go in as a "Group Buy".

Starting this thread to see what kind of interest there is in order to negotiate a deal for us.

To keep it simple, choose:
- Camera Only [List Brand Preference if available]
- Installation Only
- Camera and Install [List Brand Preference if available]

Please mention your car:
- Model S
- Model 3
- Model X