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Dashcam icon disappeared

I’m on 2021.4.11 and I’ve just noticed that my dashcam icon is missing.

I can see the Sentry icon and if I press it is seems to turn Sentry on and off.

I don’t see a dashcam camera icon.

I’m in park and I’ve had no failure errors.

Am I being stupid, or is it a bug or something else?
I had a similar issue recently and had to reformat my high endurance SD card to get it working again. I had to take my music USB out so it would format as the format option only works with a single device connected.

I only noticed it wasn’t working when I tried to get a picture of an Imperial Stormtrooper I saw walking past B&Q in Leigh.
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So I thought the ssd was knackered and contacted Amazon. They refunded me and asked me to return the device which was just 12 months old.

Just got home and tried the broken SSD in my Mac. After a few minutes of fiddling I managed to format it again and it’s working. I’ll still send it back since I’ve already had a refund and ordered a replacement.

I find it odd and disappointing that when the drive fails the car doesn’t warn you about it. For all I know the drive could have failed months ago and I never knew because I didn’t notice the tiny camera icon on the dash.

A pleasant surprise however is the car appears to have some internal storage because as soon as I put the repaired and re-formatted SSD back in the car the last Sentry recording was there and I was given the option to copy it to the SSD. Pretty cool.
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