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Day at the drag strip. How are you charging?

I'd like to do a day at the drag strip this summer, but am aware of how important it is to have ~90% charge and an up-to-temp battery. There's no supercharger anywhere near the closest drag strip, it's 2hrs away, and I don't want to trailer my car there.

What's everyone doing to counter this? I was thinking of charging to 100% the night before, preconditioning before leaving, and purchasing a generator that can support 40a @ 240V so I can wire a NEMA 14-50 to it.

I'm just looking for ideas! Thanks.
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That's one beefy generator, but hey, if you can swing it, why not? Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. You can always use the generator as a home power outage backup, too.

Don't forget to post your time slips! :)
Yeah, I am hoping someone gives me a better idea!
A buddy who owns a few food trucks swears by these, and he's got them on pretty much non-stop:

They do 30A at 240V. Not terrible, and I could just turn the car down to 24A. It's also larger than what would fit in my car, which means a receiver and tossing it on my motorcycle trailer...

Anyways, still hoping for better ideas! ha ha
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Where's the drag strip? Could you go early (or even night before) and find a nearby destination charger?
Eau Claire, WI 54701 just south of Menomonie, WI.
There is one 16kW in Menomonie, and it actually looks like there's a Supercharger coming Q4, so that's great!

It looks like if I add an extra hour onto my drive, I could hit a Supercharger a little ways past the track. Not ideal, but it's a possibility.

Maybe I could take a small 120V inverter generator then and just keep the battery semi-warm/semi-charged for multiple runs.

I wonder if tracks are going to start running 'expensive' charging stations like how some sell fuel. I'd be okay with that!
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Assuming this is Rock Falls Raceway, PlugShare says there is a Supercharger in Eau Claire 13 miles away next to Panera Bread. Should rather manageable.
Yeah, that's the one I noticed at second glace too. It's about 20min away in the wrong direction, so that's a bummer, but that's probably what I'll do.
I'll get the car pre-conditioned, supercharge to 100%, baby it to the track with no audio or AC, see how many passes I can make before ~70% SoC. Maybe head back for a top off.