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Dead battery pack 70D

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Hi - Please only post if you have solid advice- Thanks
70D tesla s 35,000 miles 65 plate U.K owned for 7 months 2nd owner
Could not get into car via fob-battery in fob changed
At 7 Miles range i disconected H.V link and disconected 12v battery charged it.The following afternoon reconected H.V and 12 V- fob let me into car
Error on MCU said battery 'charge will be restricted' ?
Put car on 32amp wall charger-car charged to 40 miles -said complete.Tried steering wheel reboot-no joy.

Contacted Leeds service-diagnosed over phone as 12v problem-second later call to them was told "all is ok" ?

Drove car ,error went out within a few yards-returned to my 32amp charger, car charged as normal to 180 miles-thought must have been a glitch.
Day after warning back on mcu- only charged to 40miles.
Car flat beded to tesla service-with 3 miles range.-advised 3 days later key fob totaly dead ,battery pack diagnostics said some of the internal 'bricks' were dead/faulty.car wolud only charge to 9 miles at tesla.

Told no warranty -65 plate 35k miles -as the car had been in an accident in 2017. Tesla informed me they supplied parts to repair. Informed by Tesla battery pack was undamaged phsically.

Told £22,000GBP for a battery pack+ charge for battery inspection .also need new key fob .

Gutted- asked for details of parts and mileage from 2017 and all logs/information from incident-was told cannot pass information without previous owners permission? (i,m asking about the car that i own-not the last owners birthady etc)..

Data protection & freedom of information seem to clash here.
I have driven the car for about 2,000miles since owning.
I now have the app to unload teh car fobless-once its flat bedded back.(although car apears to be offline -still at Tesla).

Any one had this error-at this stage the car is for the breakers yard as its not economical for repair.
I’m unfamiliar with “65 plate” but I gather from your description this is what we in the US would call a “salvage title” vehicle.

Did you know the car had a salvage title and no warranty when you bought it?

Unfortunately that “charge level restricted” message almost always means a bad HV battery. I’m not sure you have a lot of options other than pay Tesla to replace it or junk the car for parts.

Tesla has always had a hard-line approach to salvage vehicles, many misery stories peppered about these forums.
For a UK car if it was a salvage car it should have been Category N (non-structural write off) or Category S (structural write off) declared. I forget the transition but some cars previously were Category D and Category C for the same.

Tesla will not repair/service salvaged vehicles under warranty.

If the seller did not accurately describe the car as salvage, I would be looking to go after them.

However if they did describe it or if you should have known (e.g. you bought it buyer beware from an auction house or from a wrecking yard) then you would have no case unfortunately.

This fault could be fixed by an experienced EV technician. It likely involves replacing one module in the pack. But I am not sure there are many of them in the UK.
I was unaware of previous damage when i bought the car-insurance loss is not on the V5 (owner paperwork)- this would always be printed on as cat D or cat C-now replaced with catagory S or N.

This is not a 12v issue.

Has any one had this problem before? - if so i guess sorted under warranty.
Manny many thanks for that...apears to be a known problem.

Thing is- how do i prove it was a fault in waiting-rather than a failiure from 2017 accident.
Ids the onus on me or tesla to prove....i will update

Perhaps they should fix it since it wasn't a salvage / Category D, C, S or N car. You could show them the purchase information to help support your case and that you were completely unaware of it ever being in an accident. Also, it worked fine for at least a year afterward (they can verify in your car's logs).

There is a known fault that might occur in some older cars, and it's fixed with the latest battery version. This might apply to your car.
Hi ^ Thanks
Ive asked for the logs from the car to boulster my case- they declined to supply them...under U.K data protection, even tough i own the car.

Any one hav emore info on the software update for 'older cars' re the battery problem. car is late 2015.

I reject there opinion that the pack is duff...dealers only want to sell new parts
I have a 2013 MS and I recently had a similar fault show up as you did. Charging restricted, driving restricted.....

I thought it was the 12V but it was in fact the HV battery. Thankfully the car was still under warranty so Tesla did a battery swap and everything has been fine. The issue is that Telsa in general swaps out components and dies not fix them. Under warranty this is fine, but off warranty this is a major problem since the cost of a swap can be significantly more than an actual repair. The service manager couldn't tell me what a similar off warranty repair would have cost, but he guessed over $20,000, which doesn't seem to off from your number, even with the USD PB conversion. I would guess that an actual repair of the specific battery components should only cost $5,000 or so. As more cars age out of warranty this will become a bigger issue. Either Tesla will have to actually start repairing or an aftermarket industry will have to develop to perform the repairs at a much more reasonable cost.