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Dead display, car drives

So my first month with the Model 3, my display went black 4 times. It's at home, no charging, the first drive of the day, I go out and the display does not light up.
Car can be driven. I have fixed this in the past using the press brake pedal + two steering wheel button reset procedures.

Then it worked fine for a couple months until today. Same thing, dead display in the morning. But this time no amount of resets will fix. Tried both the brake and no brake resets... Occasionally get the T-logo, then just as the screen begins to paint the normal UI, it dies.

Finally after 20-30 failed resets, I plugged in the mobile charger and which turned green. Then I did the brake-reset, and this time it cycled back up as expected.

So who knows, the charging may have helped the computer to reset. (It was at 26% charge, not a low battery situation).
Or it may have been just a coincidence?

Anyone know the secrets of the dead display and resetting it?
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