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Decision help! X or S in my future, what do you think Value wise?

Which car is the best VALUE and UPSIDE built into price.

  • x90d blue $80K

    Votes: 16 48.5%
  • 2013 S 85P $42K

    Votes: 8 24.2%
  • Neither have no upside in value

    Votes: 9 27.3%

  • Total voters
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Hi, I have a dilemma as I have found two cars I like. They are a little different, ok a lot. My real question is value. Which do you think is the best value of the two?

First is a 2013 Tesla S 85P with tech, leather, smart air and 21s (wheels only) with new 19s and tires too (not highly optioned). The car is mint and a good value I think - could be worth $46 to 48 maybe. The car has 66k miles which I am not too concerned about. The car is $42,000

The second is a 2016 Tesla X 90D with prem pack, high fidelity, white leather, 7 seating and 20K miles. The car is $80K to me.

I like to trade cars a lot so wondering the best deal!

Thank you
Personally id pick the X. I have an S right now but had a X loaner for a bit and enjoyed it so much. Honestly having the doors open and close themselves is the icing on the cake.

Also I personally wouldn't buy a Tesla without autopilot. For 40K, I could buy a new sports car with similar features.
I have an X, mainly because when I drove the S it was a fantastic car but too heavy for me, coming from light sport cars. The X Is even heavier, but the feel for me was more natural because SUVs are heavy by nature, but they aren't usually that quick:)

That said, a 90d at 80k isn't a deal at all, given you can get a new 75d with rebates for close to that; that will get you the 4 year warranty as well .

The S is out of warranty; I'm risk averse so would never buy a tesla out of warranty unless there were 5 digits of savings over comparables .
Okay one is $42K and the other $80K and you are seriously asking which is the better "value"? Obviously doesn't help that they are quite different cars, but unless you actually need the bigger X then it's largely redundant. If you do need the extra space then it's a one horse race anyway. Personally I'd take the X, but a new inventory 75D over a 2016 90D for similar money. Early X builds were often pretty shoddy, although at least you can inspect this one carefully I presume?
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Not to hijack this thread but would like some similar advice.

I am looking at a 2016 X90D with AP1, Black textile, 7 seats for $75K or a 2016 X75D fully loaded (AP1, 22' wheels, subzero, premium package, 7 seats leather) for $77K.

I understand the the 90D gives me a few more miles but the 75D is nicely loaded. Range is not a concern for me for either though I understand with the 22" wheels on the 75D my range will be compromised (around 200 hwy miles in normal temps).

Yes, in both cars the middle row does not fold and I understand I can get a new X75D (black textile, AP2) for net $90,700 with fed credit available though I will not see that till next year ;-)
Is the X75D uncorked or at least possible to uncork For free? That would be the decider for me between that and a 90D of the same age and mileage. 22" are too much of a compromise for me on both ride quality and range, but easy enough to swap out if required.
Yes the X75D is uncorked already. I forgot to mention the 75D has around 18K miles and the 90D around 27K miles but they are of course both still under warranty and frankly I am not too worried about miles since I don't drive that much anyways.
Yes the X75D is uncorked already. I forgot to mention the 75D has around 18K miles and the 90D around 27K miles but they are of course both still under warranty and frankly I am not too worried about miles since I don't drive that much anyways.

Looks like the fully loaded X75D would be your better choice then. Uncorked, it's actually going to accelerate slightly faster than the 90D too! I can't think of any reason why you would take the X90D in this particular case. It would have a little more range, but if that doesn't matter then it's irrelevant. But just make sure you are fully aware of real world range in these cars!
If you like to trade cars, then the 2013 would have taken the most depreciation hit already and will offer the best value. The X will be a quicker sale due to mileage and options. However, I don't believe you'll make money on either car at those prices. It's a matter of limiting your losses. The auction values for both those cars are well below your quotes prices.
@azsmartbet Go with the Model S. Older front end, 'P'erformance and you don't lose much in depreciation. The X is not a great deal and will only depreciate further given the niggling issues that plagued the 2016s.

You also have to wonder why the original owner decided to part with the car after only 20K miles on it. It could either be that they upgraded to the newer, slightly better made X, or they were just tired of it so got rid of it. Neither of those scenarios reflect well on the car.