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Definitive Answer: Best Baby Wipes for White Seats?

Serious question (lol), what are the wipes that everybody is using to keep their white interior clean? I keep reading that people store wipes in their cars when their seats get dirty so they can wipe it down quickly but no one every discloses WHICH brand or wipes they use.
I went on Amazon and typed in baby wipes and searched "Tesla" but that doesn't seem to bring up any reviews. Are my Tesla peers not leaving reviews on baby wipes?
Maybe not.......reviews are DISMAL and says it contains chemicals including Benzalkolium Chloride, tear easily, shrunk in size, and mold easily due to ingredients. Tread lightly.


These were AMAZING baby wipes before when they consisted of only water and grapefruit seed extract. They worked surprisingly well at removing stains for a wipe with only water and fruit extract. Unfortunately it seems that the manufacturer has since added benzalkolium chloride for water retention, which makes them not as chemical-free/gentle for a baby's skin compared to the previous product. That being said, probably still great for car interior unless benzalkolium chloride is somehow damaging to the vinyl seats.
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Don't use any baby wipes that aren't water based. There are a few that will leave mars or streaks due to the solvents used. I use these as they were used by detailers on youtube who work on million dollar cars:

Water Wipes
I also use these. Not only for the car but also to wipe my hands if I eat. They are the purest wipes on the market. Downside is they're more expensive.
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