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Delay on day of delivery due to inspection. VIN received.

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After waiting months, I finally received my VIN on 11/20/21 and was told to pick up my new MYP the next day on 11/21/21. Literally an hour before the confirmed delivery window, I got an email from Tesla saying the service team needed more time to pass inspection with the car and the delivery date will be postponed to 11/30/21. Wasn't too happy with the back and forth and that I got notified last minute on day of delivery, but I said ok and asked the reason why it was getting delayed. Tesla Team kept avoiding the question and just kept on saying that it needed to pass final inspection and the service team had to take a look at it prior to delivery.

Fast forward to now (11/28/21), I got another email from Tesla Team saying that the service team more time with the vehicle and that the delivery date will likely be pushed out to 12/5/21 (with possibility of getting pushed out even further).

I wanted to see if anyone has experienced these continuous delays after getting their VIN related to some "service inspection" that needs to take place. Are these "service inspections" on new vehicles from the local Tesla store a normal process from Tesla and if so, why does the service team need so much time with the vehicle?

It would be a bummer to find out that if the new vehicle I was assigned to has been damaged and that it needs to be fixed before delivering. I've also been seeing news about some USB C ports missing in the recent delivered MY vehicles so not sure if that's the reason with all the delays. Any insights appreciated!
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I was in the same boat.
I was set to go pick MY at 2 pm and got a call at 1:30 pm that they have issues with my car. That was on Saturday. So I had to wait till Monday when crew that fixes cars shows up. Bad news on Monday that they can’t fix it since the part is not available.
Offered to pick another car but in different color. Refused that option. Waited one more week for them to bring me car from another state. Totally worth it.
I got a call from an SA a few days before scheduled delivery to inform me that they found a paint issue during inspection and had to delay my delivery by a week to get it fixed at a body shop. She was not able to tell me what exactly the issue was but I did end up getting the car delivered a day before the revised date. Fortunately I did not detect anything wrong with the paint so I guess the body shop did a good job taking care of it.
I get the impression that Tesla delivery centers are sometimes doing their final pre-delivery inspections only an hour or two before the customer shows up.

Not ideal ... but actually an improvement from years past when the customer was the inspector, and issues were sorted out *after* delivery.
This exact same thing happened to me, was supposed to take delivery towards end of Sept for a MYP and got a text from the SA that the vehicle is still in inspection and that there may be delays. I pressed and they let me know there was a battery/charge issue, eventually determining that they couldn't resolve it. They ended up sending the car back to Fremont and putting me back in the queue. Ended up picking up a new VIN MYP a week ago.
The same happened to me. They took all the payment. Had to use their preferred partner to expedite the payment, and now they are saying the vehicle is at the end of production line.
I wonder if the car was even built.

We can accept the delays, tesla is known for keeping their customers waiting. Just say the truth about the delivery dates. Why lie?
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Been in the same boat.....vehicle has apparently been at my service center for over a week now, awaiting a repair on a trim piece and the new part hasn't arrived 😭 Original delivery date was 1/28, then 2/3, then 2/6, now 2/8. Delivery tasks have been complete since 1/26.

Going down to the service center this week if I endure any more delays.