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Delivery Advice - Inventory Adjusted MX

I’m finally becoming a Tesla owner tomorrow at 3pm and I can’t sleep! After years of reading the forums and watching too many YouTube videos, my time has come! Needless to say, I’m a wee bit excited to pickup my X100D, white, white, carbon fiber, 5seater, sonic carbon, premium package, enhanced ap tomorrow afternoon.

My one concern about delivery is that it is an older loaner vehicle (7/2017 production) with 8k miles on it. I’m ok with it being older and having the miles, but I just want to make sure I’m setting my expectations correctly during delivery. How much do I push back on wear and tear? I feel like I’m already behind a little in the leverage department because I’m obviously knowingly purchasing an older/high mileage “new” car. #firstworldproblems

I did receive a $23k “adjustment” which is great, but it’s still a $98k car and I just want to make sure everything looks great tomorrow.

I’ll review the delivery checklist, but any additional advice on picking up an inventory car is greatly appreciated!
I saw this car when it came out and almost pulled the trigger on it, but didn’t (you are welcome!). Five seats killed it for me. It should a killer color combo with carbon sonic wheels.

There is no magic formula regarding wear and tear on inventory cars. There is what they consider minor damage which they will not fix and major damage which they will. Most issues of course are subject to interpretation. Inspect the car before signing anything. Be prepared to refuse delivery. Do not ACH wire the down payment and instead bring a cashiers check. Try to get pictures of your car before you come in.

I am picking up my 6 seater white inventory X next weekend. My OA sent me some pictures and my front seat looks terrible. I am in a process of deciding what to do.

Is this acceptable leather condition for inventory car?
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I did receive a $23k “adjustment” which is great, but it’s still a $98k car and I just want to make sure everything looks great tomorrow.
Just be aware that for older cars like that the discount amount is misleading since it's discount from then-MSRP, but in fact many options were added to some other base packages so the car in the same configuraton is cheaper now.

Configure exactly the same (or as close to same as you can) on tesla.com and see what price do you arrive at, and then compare to your price - that would be your real-world discount. I think max specced X 100D with 5 seats and without FSD runs like $114k so at $98k your actual discount is "only" $16k - still not too bad of course, just something to keep in mind.