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Delivery mileage

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hi, can I ask what existing mileage is shown on any M3 pickups recently.

I would expct it to be less than 5 miles, really it should be less than a mile, but I'm concerned that if a car says 10, 20 or even 30 miles on it that Tesla staff will just bluff their way through it to expedite collection. I'd like to know what is considered normal, if possible.

Appreciate any feedback, thanks.
Anything below 50 is considered normal. Mine had 48.

Wow that's much more than I expected. I've never bought a new car before so assumed they wouldn't have covered much distance as they are shipped about.

Do they record the mileage so that the 100 mile reporting of issues occurs from when you receive it rather than the odometer reading?
Do they record the mileage so that the 100 mile reporting of issues occurs from when you receive it rather than the odometer reading?

In practice, and based on history, I very much doubt Tesla will hold you to anything "reasonable" for the time to report an issue. That said, the sooner the better of course.

Tesla API logging knows where the car is, and all its vital statistics, at all times, so it can be proven if it had 10 or 100 miles on the clock when you got it (should the need arise).
A lot of places allow more than that.

An ex boss bought an i8. It was delayed by several months. It was finally delivered in early January, and had several hundred miles on the clock. He was furious. The service centre initially told him it was normal and was down to having to fix a fault on it, but he pushed as he was pretty sure some tech or salesman had taken it over Christmas.

I can't remember the outcome of it all, but just count yourself lucky lol
Interesting feedback, thanks everyone. Pleased I asked now, it seems I was well off with my expectations. Could have made a fool of myself at the handover.

Hopefully mine will have less than 50 miles as that seems the norm, preferably 15-25. I have an early VIN so am worried that the car has been used by Tesla over the last few months, a per Drmouse's comment.

Should know come Friday and will update. :)
Collected today. Forgot to take mileage reading on collection. Got it home about 27 miles and the app said it had 53 on it. Panicked - as it was a replacement model for my unicorn but had a pretty bad defect on the headliner seal (messy blobs of lack sealant all along edge of fabric and over it), so thought maybe it was a return. But looks like others had mileage in that region, and dont seem to have mentioned significant defects... anyhows only a month to wait for service appointment to rectify.