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Delivery Yesterday - Are these normal or issues?

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Jul 4, 2015
Nashville, TN
Thanks all. Two questions (so far):

Pano - in vent position the wind noise is very loud. Much too loud to drive in this position. Is that normal? (is vent only for when the car is parked?)

Passenger side mirror - When adjusting the mirror using the controls it seems to hit a limit when tilting inward it makes a racheting sound/action and then starts to tilt down and in simultaneously. Normal?

Thanks in advance!
The pano roof doesn't really have a true "vent" feature like most where it just tilts up at the back. The Model S pano roof just starts to partially open when "vent" is selected, and it creates a gap at the leading edge. It will make noise if you drive it in this position.

As far as the mirror goes, it just sounds like you are trying to make it go beyond its limits.
The Vent position is something of a controversy since the last patch lessened the amount of opening we were used to. You can find thread son this and add to the dramatic entertainment if you wish. :) But I find that driving with sunroofs, windows, or any other opening open at highway speed in any vehicle to make too much noise for my liking.

As far as your mirror issue, I also think you're trying to get it to go beyond the extent of travel. Note it as something for your first service visit so Tesla can look at it. It won't cost you anything. Welcome and enjoy the car!

- K
Vent really is for when the car is parked. I'm surprised such a tiny opening keeps the interior cooler, but it does. It makes a huge difference here in Texas where temps have been 100 degrees or more this month.

For me, the thing that make a surprisingly huge difference is just one of those reflective screens you prop up in the windshield. I usually pop one of those in and leave the pano roof in Vent position at work. About a half hour before I leave, I use the mobile app to close the pano and turn the a/c on. Car is nice and comfortable when I leave the office.