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Denmark: P90D sticker price to increase 180% on Jan 1 2016

This changes my opinion on the Danish government's motivation for their vehicle taxes. Their original setup was: really good public transportation, great infrastructure for bicycling, punitive taxes on cars, and an exemption for EV's. In my mind this added up to a country with a really strong environmental priority. This may be a little quixotic for a country as small as Denmark, but it's understandable and I think generally admirable.

Pulling the EV exemption makes me think that the priority is simply to discourage private transportation, for reasons of... what? It's immorally self-indulgent? I'm genuinely not sure. Wind power resources are great in Scandinavia, so their grid is pretty clean. It strains credulity to think that EV's are still too much of an environmental drain.

This leaves me really baffled. Anybody from Denmark able to clarify the government's motivation?
I imagine it's all the lost revenue, but personally I would have hoped EVs still get some benefit because they keep it out. Is it Norway that also charges significant gas tax and thus, EVs are exempt from that? If so, does a similar incentive exist for Denmark? Zero taxing of EVs was going to end eventually, but hopefully they aren't taxed equivalently to ICEs.
It is only expensive EV 's such as Tesla which is taxed equivalently to ICE cars. It will happen over the next 5 years starting from 1. january 2016 with berween 30 and 50% every year until 180 % is reached. Their motivation is "lost revenue" and envy. Nothing else. Small EV's keep their Price. Tesla will hopefully shortly take it to the European commissioner for Competition. due to the fact that its a practice that distort competition.
It seems Denmark is currently governed by a bunch of nasty, narrow minded politicians who could not care less about the environment and breathing clean air. Almost seems like Denmark is run by a select group of US politicians :)

Surprising given how different Norway is with their policies.
It seems Denmark is currently governed by a bunch of nasty, narrow minded politicians who could not care less about the environment and breathing clean air. Almost seems like Denmark is run by a select group of US politicians :)

Surprising given how different Norway is with their policies.
Most ministers over there get the big Audi A8Ls, which they don't obviously pay for. The Queen over there has a Bentley Mulsanne!

Prince Frederick has a Tesla, I find it poor taste that the vehicles are provided by the taxpayer (ministers cars, not sure about the royal cars) yet the taxpayer really hasn't got an opportunity to buy them themselves due to punitive taxes.

suprised to effectively see the encouragement of EVs are being wiped out.
Actually smaller EV's come even cheaper after the change. Norway will also implement taxes on EV 's within a few years but they really don't have to because Norway is probably one of the worlds richest countries with a fortune above 6.000 bilions and counting so they can afford anything in this direction no matter the costs :)
I wonder if Tesla could still do something about that, for example. Let people buy the P90D but software limit the ludicrous mode. You would then pay 10k afterwards to get it unlocked. (Though Tesla might need to make it 12k or something like that to hedge against people deciding against it after delivery)
There's 2 chances for each region to win the car.. The first was to win a X for the first person to refer 10 people and to take delivery of 10. I think Bjorn is on the way to win that if he hasn't already. Even if you refer 100 people today, they'll likely not take delivery before bjorn hits 10 deliveries.

The second was at the end of October whoever has the most referrals can then trade in their S for an X. In both cases, it's contingent on delivery and not just orders.

You got the first one correct, although I believe Bjorn would win anyway as he was the first to 10. The order of deliveries doesn't matter, as long as it happens.

The second offering is to trade in your S for a Model S P90D, not an X.

There is also a third offering to anyone who gets 10 referrals. They get the option to buy a founder's X.
Don't bother, I read somewhere that the government want to LOW the taxes for DIESEL cars! Is it true? If so, I have the impression that mainstream ICE car makers will succeed where VW didn't in USA in 2011. (see that: http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1100382_vw-50-million-in-tax-credits-wanted-electric-car-credits-for-diesels-too).
The will drop the tax on NOx emissions. The main polluter here is not Diesel cars, but industries, and those are the ones the Danish government wants to give a break. A bad idea if you ask me, but this is not done to help VW.
There is a large number of folks that can afford to spend $80k on a car that can't afford $244k.

Especially if there are other on-going costs that the $80k would avoid. I don't know about Denmark, but Norway has high gas taxes and some road use/emission tolls that Teslas don't pay. Now, those are directly connected with fossil fuels, so hopefully Teslas avoid paying them in the long term, but it is something that makes the "overall cost" more level -- just like the "gas savings" in the U.S. Thus, some may stretch when they normally wouldn't pay $80k and they definitely couldn't pay $244k.
It is completely nuts. Fortunately, I knew that something bad was going to happen with our new "black" government in power, so I ordered our TMS in August.

To put the madness into perspective, our current government is supposedly libertarian/conservative. However, among the parties fighting for exempting EVs from these taxes is a left-wing socialist party who openly supports a communist revolution, when the timing is right.

One thing to note is that the parties behind then law have agreed to reconsider the tax if EV sales collaps Considering that believe that current Tesla sales levels will continue with the taxes, they are likely to be very very disappointed.