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Design Studio - Layout is in the WRONG order, don't you think?

Discussion in 'Model S: Ordering, Production, Delivery' started by arijaycomet, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. arijaycomet

    arijaycomet Member

    Dec 18, 2014
    Cleveland, Ohio
    I've owned my Tesla for a month now, but I still go back regularly to visit the Tesla Motors web site, configure cars to see if anything has changed, etc. And like many of us, I've been visiting the site for over a year now here or there. One thing dawned on me a few days ago and I wanted to share and see if my thinking was the same as most of you folks here...

    When you visit the site, the layout is such that it encourages you to pick your Paint, Roof/Wheels, and Interior as the FIRST step. After you do that, you then decide which of the versions you want (60, 85, P85D). And after that you scroll down to pick 85 vs 85D if that is the route you went. This is backwards to me because of the following:

    #1 - CASH
    Let's assume you are looking to do a cash purchase of this car. I tend to go right to the right column and choose cash because I like to see what the items cost (what does each option actually cost me to add-on?). If you do that, and pick an Alcantara headliner for example--- you'll see that it costs extra. However, if you choose the P85D then this actually does NOT cost extra. So really, it is important to pick the model first, because that will change some of the pricing.

    #2 - INTERIOR
    Many people who are looking at a P85D might have heard about the awesome Next Generation (Recaro) seats. They'll pick the color interior they want, the paint, etc... then after, when they choose the P85D, they might not realize they have to scroll BACK up to Interior to select those NG seats. This is an oversight for many people I've found when talking to prospective new owners. Again, you should be choosing which seats you want AFTER you pick your trim level, so that there is added awareness to the options available.

    #3 - WHEELS
    Tesla suggests you get the 21" package with the P85D, however you're actually choosing wheels PRIOR to your trim level. Again, like #2 above... you should be picking these items AFTER you pick your trim level.

    Now I realize I may just be silly here, because nothing prevents you from going back up to CHANGE those options. But that seems less linear than I think the experience should be. Am I being overly picky? YES! But I can be because I think that it makes more sense.... it should be TRIM, then OPTIONS, to make sure you get all the right bits the way you think best (and including Tesla suggestions).

    What say the rest of you? Thoughts? When you compare to most other auto makers, they have you pick a trim, then an exterior color, then interior trim, then options/packages last. Seems like this would make sense (reversing those first few items as I said)
  2. brkaus

    brkaus Well-Known Member

    Jul 8, 2014
    Austin, TX
    Every time I pretend/dream purchase a tesla I fill out all the options (model selection) on the first page before I start clicking on the paint, roof & wheels, and interior buttons in the banner.
  3. AMP85D

    AMP85D Member

    Jan 19, 2014
    I agree with you. It's much better to select the trim level first. In fact, I've trained myself to select P85D first and then go back up and start from the top with the options. It would be a nice improvement if Tesla made this change to the design studio, but it's still a lot easier to configure Model S than it is to configure other luxury cars with their conflicting option packages.
  4. Shawn Snider

    Shawn Snider Member

    Jul 30, 2014
    BC, Canada
    (Apologies in advance if any points/things mentioned here already have posts about them in different areas...)

    I was actually just about to make a post about the site and how effective it is in making sales. I personally think that Tesla Motors (being a next-gen, new car company) should have a website/design interface that TRULY gives each person a unique and enthralling experience no matter what they end up 'putting together'. Like Arijay pointed out above the format/layout is backwards, and I also think it seem's haphazardly slopped together.

    A beautiful car like the Model S should have a website/design studio that matches and accentuates it's elegance, atm the site seem's extremely basic.

    I'm thinking along the lines of a completely 3D viewing window without a border (Think like a Need for Speed game, the garage, how you can rotate your car and modify it on the fly and see it change before your eyes...)
    The general layout and select-ability of ALL the 'Trim' & 'Options' and ALL possible ways you can change a model S to suit your imagination/appetite should;
    A) Not interfere or block your sight of the changing vehicle, and B) Be stupidly clear/precise/fluent in the flow of how you design your Model S.

    The experience of clicking the design studio and putting together your dream car should act like a catalyst to buying it, you should be wow'd and enthralled in how that experience itself makes you feel. And to also make it really clear and easy to understand the POSSIBLE possibility of making this dream a reality. By that I mean the 'cost calculator/list of additions/taxes/etc' should be VERY clear and easy to manipulate to your financial limitations.

    Sorry if this isn't making sense, I'm tired and just hammering this out. Makes me wish I had Photoshop..

    It might also be helpful if on the Tesla Motors site FAQ and also on the Design Studio page they reference Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum for all the helpful tips/tricks/questions/etc that make it onto these forums.

    I've read of people having a stressful time in-between Ordering and Receiving by not having much, if any, communication from Tesla about the current-state-of-production of their vehicle. Would it be too troublesome/invasive to the flow of production to maybe get the people that actually put the pieces together and assemble your car, to pause for a photo and a big smile with your car at it's current station in the production cycle/layout.
    (Showcase worker pride! / bring the buyer's experience down to the real-world level at the factory floor!)

    I'm sure a lot of people have seen the How It's Made: Tesla Roadster episode and maybe also the Tesla Motors Factory documentary about it's purchase and re-design, but this -^ would add a nice personal touch to you making change in the world for the better! together! Especially so if they haven't seen those shows!

    This is getting a bit lengthy and I'm sure my punctuation and whatnot is irritating a few of you lol, I'll just say I LOVE Tesla Motor's and will soon be a Long-Term Investor! I believe in this company and wish to help it along in any way I can. (Wish I had heard about TM when it first formed as a company, would have taken a much different route with my post-sec education)

    Anyways, have a nice day!
  5. Footbag

    Footbag Member

    Jun 29, 2013
    Edmonton, Canada
    Certainly, the website could be improved, with some good suggestions being made above. I just don't know how much of an ROI there would be... the site is already better than any car building site I have used (the typical manufactures, can't say I've shopped for McLaren's or the ilk). I can't imagine a person actually intending to buy a Telsa would stop because of the website. And if they don't lose the sale, what motivation is there for them to do the extra work? Again, it would be great if they update it, I just don't see that happening (soon), especially since the main site just went through a significant update one would think any design studio redesign would have happened at the same time.
  6. arijaycomet

    arijaycomet Member

    Dec 18, 2014
    Cleveland, Ohio
    But that is the problem right there. I don't know that they are "losing sales" per se-- but I've spent the past 2 Saturdays "working" at the local store that recently opened up in Cleveland, Ohio. I was there 10am-6pm both days (full 8 hours shifts) helping greet and educate potential customers. You'd be surprised how many folks had visited the web site, said they had configured cars, but were still totally unaware of the fact that there are 4 models.

    Currently, at the VERY bottom of the Model S page (just above the Specs section) there is a nice little pictorial showing the 4 models (60 vs 85 vs 85D vs P85D). But that isn't as clearly shown/visible on the configurator. Again, speaking for 16-hours of sales experience now, I can tell you that many of these prospectives are confused. The web site helps quite a bit, and sure many of the visitors haven't gone that deep into the site. But I think this improvement could be made with little effort, and would help make sure those customers ordering a car knew more about the options.

    (Another example would be the next generation seats--- which show up on the interior section-- I personally think these should be further down the list as an add-on option--- such as when you get to the Premium Interior and Executive Seats -- it should be Next Gen Seats as an option listed there, too-- rather than as part of the color section... IMO)
  7. ArtInCT

    ArtInCT Always Learning

    Sep 2, 2014
    Southern Connecticut
    #7 ArtInCT, Jan 29, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2015
    Well I live on the Design Studio quite a bit. I can now configure my car very quickly.
    Changes to the Design Studio have been evolutionary vs revolutionary since I have been using it.

    Totally agree that you should choose the model first then the Paint, Interior and the Wheels.
    The way those options are now located... (as sub menus to the graphics) they are a part of the graphical representation section of the Studio and directly effect the visuals of the interior and exterior.

    Would like Tesla give me the ability to save my configuration... that would be nice (much like Tire Rack saves your cars specifics).

    Also, I would like a MORE button next to each option which would provide me with ALOT more detail on the particular option or even videos which visually illustrate the option if warranted, perhaps even going to the release notes as a source of explanation.

    In addition, Tesla should build a web based 17" center screen that we can enter via our web browser to familiarize ourselves with the user interface. That would be wonderful. But maybe it should be in the login area of My Tesla not on the design studio.

    Thanks for starting this thread... long overdue IMHO.

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