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DFW Solar Tour, Saturday, October 3, 2015

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May 1, 2013
Southlake, TX
The DFW Solar Tour is a free, one-day event on Saturday, October 3, 2015, generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during which you are invited to tour innovative green homes and buildings around the DFW Metroplex and learn how homeowners and businesses can use solar energy, wind energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies. This is also a great way to meet other TMC members -- JaySquyres, RossMelbourne & SteveJust are showing their homes and last year, we had at least a dozen members join the tour.

As an added incentive, finish your tour at our place at 4:00pm for the post-tour beer.

DFW Solar Tour 2015 Video

"Solar Tour" is a bit of a misnomer, as we want to show all types of energy innovation across the Metroplex. That includes solar, wind energy, geothermal heating & cooling, water conservation, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies (such as EVs, of course).

TO HOST: In short, have a residence or business with "green" features and be willing to enthusiastically share your personal experiences from 10a-4p on October 3. The long version is here: Volunteering - DFW
Solar Tour

TO VOLUNTEER: Not able to host? No problem! We're also looking for volunteers who can help guide visitors at some of our locations (sometimes at residences where the homeowner isn't able to articulate the specifics of the technologies they're using, but more often at commercial sites, such as the Irving Public Library, where staff aren't available to show off the features of the building. This is also a great way to show-off your Tesla! We have found that EVs are a big draw, so if you'd like to talk about your car with a bunch of potentially green-minded people, this is an awesome opportunity.

Not in
DFW? No problem. The Solar Tour is national, and Austin, Houston & San Antonio all have local versions of the Tour.

Otherwise, please save the date and make a point of visiting some of our hosts. We expect 30-50 homes across the Metroplex this year, so I'm sure you'll find an interesting home near you.

We're still updating the site for 2015, but nonetheless, here's the link:
DFWSolar Tour
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Our site is now live, so you can start planning your tour: DFW Solar Tour

We'd like to invite all of our Tesla friends to end your DFW Solar Tour at our place for the post Tour party! Drive your Tesla on up to the house around 4pm for snacks, perhaps beer or wine and a tour of our solar panels, energy management system, air-source heat pump, beehives and other stuff.


Want a chance to Win? Play Energy Games!

Energy Games is a fun, easy way to learn about solar energy and energy efficiency. Energy Games starts September 14 and runs through September 27. You can register to play and download the game now. Registration closes September 12 and is limited to the first 500 participants, so register early! In the games you will…

  • Be eligible for Instant Win* prizes just for playing and weekly Leaderboard prizes
  • Learn how to save up to 25% off your electric bill[SUP]†[/SUP]
  • Get the tools you need to make smart decisions about solar energy for your home
  • Be entered into a Grand Prize Drawing[SUP]‡[/SUP] for a $500 IKEA gift card following the DFW Solar Tour!
Up to 75 Instant Win prizes, a $10 Amazon gift card, will be up for grabs each week. Additionally, the top leaderboard score each week will receive a $50 Amazon gift card! Second prize is a $35 gift card, third prize is $25, fourth is $15, and 5th place gets a $10.

Click Here To Play Energy Games!

Energy Games is a real-time trivia game hosted on the Ringorang® app, available on mobile devices (iOS and Android), PC, and Mac. You must download the game to participate.

Energy Games is sponsored as part of a research study from The University of Texas at Austin and the North Texas Renewable Energy Group to help us learn the best ways to communicate solar energy and energy efficiency information to Texas electric customers. Only residents of the DFW area that participate in our study are eligible to play. To be eligible to play and win prizes, you must complete brief (less than 10 minutes) pre- and post-game surveys. At the end of the pre-game survey you will receive an Invite Code and link to download the Ringorang app to play Energy Games. Energy Games starts September 14 and runs through the 27th, leading up to the DFW Solar Tour on October 3. Click here to sign up.

Energy Games - DFW Solar Tour
National Drive Electric Week is so three hours ago...

And the DFW Solar Tour is only two weeks away!

Are you tired of your friends asking to drive your Model S? Well, we have a cure for that! Tesla Motors is offering a Drive Event at one of our tour locations. You heard it here first -- let them know and get them signed up before everyone else finds out about it!

Discover The Future of Driving at The DFW Solar Tour | Tesla Motors

Again, this year, we will have about fifty homes and businesses opening up to show you various ways to save energy. You've already bought the electric car -- we can show you how to power it and your house with solar and wind energy. We also have ground & air-source heat pumps, whole-house energy monitoring, beehives and other cool ways you can reduce your energy use. I'll be highlighting some of my favorites over the next few days.

And remember -- post Tour party at my place at 4pm...
One week to go to the DFW Solar Tour, brought to you, in part, by Earth Day Texas 2016!

Every year, we find that more of our host sites have added an electric vehicle (or two) to their conservation efforts. This year, we have twenty-seven!

Do your friends want to drive your Model S? Here's a good way to take care of that! Tesla Motors is offering a Drive Event at da Vinci School (pre-registration required).

Here is the current list of EVs on display at the Tour:

Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the Tour - DFW Solar Home Tour

Hosts With Nissan LEAFs:

Cedar Hill Govt Center, Cedar Hill (10 am -noon)
Irving West Library, Irving (10 am -noon)
Mariposa House, Dallas
Prakash & Krithika House, Plano
Rausch House, Arlington
Thompson House, Keller

Hosts With Teslas (Model S & Roadster):

Bollar House, Southlake
The Da Vinci School, Dallas (Tesla Drive Event)
Irving West Library, Irving
Mariposa House, Dallas
McGovern House, Dallas
Melbourne House, Southlake (Model S & Roadster)
Peters House, Hurst
Squyres House, Flower Mound
ter Kuile House, Farmers Branch

Hosts With Volts:

Cedar Hill Govt Center, Cedar Hill (10 am -noon)
Martin House, Plano
Squyres House, Flower Mound

Hosts With Other EVs and Hybrids:

Dhakshinamurthy House, Frisco (BMW i3)
Clark House, Grapevine (Prius Plug-In)
Litwins House, Plano (Prius)
Martin House, Plano (BMW i3)
Miller House, Richardson (Prius & Camry Hybrids)
Ortman House, Dallas (DIY Converted VW Golf EV)
Renner House, Weatherford (Prius Hybrid)
Spicer House, Dallas (2014 BMW i3 Rex)
Suhren House, Garland (Prius V)

Five days to go until the DFW Solar Tour, brought to you, in part, by Universal Solar!

Do you want to take your Tesla on an adventure? Go to the Renner "Off Grid" House in Weatherford (TX, not OK). No doubt you'll have the only EV there.

The Renner's have one of the only "off grid" homes in North Texas and did it themselves! They have solar & wind with battery storage (of course), along with water catchment and other energy saving features. Almost none of us could make the leap they have to be off the grid (or could we?).

Mike Renner (Home Owner)
My motivation is to reduce my carbon foot print and become Energy independent in the event of a power outage. The system has increased in size year by year to the point that it produces all our energy needs. We have been disconnected from the grid for more than 2 years now but still have it available for back up and have not had a need to switch it back on during this time period.

The DFW Solar Tour is TOMORROW!

We have more than fifty residential and business locations all across the Metroplex that are using Solar, Wind, Electric Cars and other sustainable technologies to reduce pollution, reduce dependence on foreign fossil fuels and SAVE MONEY!

Plan your Tour at our website below. If you want recommendations, feel free to ask.

And remember to end your tour at our place at 4pm for a post Tour wrap party with Franconia beer, cheap wine and snacks.

If you saw our place last year, this year, we have new things to show off! We replaced three A/C units with a single air source heat pump and added beehives!

What a great day for a Solar Tour! We got overnight coverage from the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram and that, plus the beautiful day drove attendance across all of our locations.

As promised we finished the tour with a wrap party, so check out these fourteen (what we now call a Bollar's dozen) solar-powered electric vehicles: