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Did Elon Musk flash the white supremacy symbol on SNL on Saturday?


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Jul 13, 2016
Mmmmmmmkay. Stop buying Tesla vehicles and stock then. Don’t order anything from Amazon. Don’t use Facebook or Instagram. Don’t read any newspapers.

Let us know when your small piece of the revolution is complete.
And stop watching tv or streaming. Stop using the internet, give up your cell phone...


Nov 3, 2020
That's always been the OK or excellent or exquisite sign, esp used when given kudos for delicious foods. Any other meaning ascribed to it is incorrect.


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Feb 25, 2016
Gosh, pretty soon even giving a thumbs up is going to mean something bad.

As far as the red pill blue pill, Elon is a matrix fan. Thinks we are possibly living in a simulation. Not some political nonsense.


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Jan 18, 2014
Live Long and Prosper!


Settles down Trekkies, it's a joke. 😁 :p


Mar 20, 2020
I watched several of the SNL skits on YouTube on Sunday morning and was so pleased when Musk mentioned Asperger's and thought the episode was chugging along nicely...

at one point Musk even offered a semi-apology for being a "mask-hole."

and then, during the Weekend Update skit he repeatedly flashed the "OK" sign used by white supremacists and I nearly fell of my chair.

I don't know guys.. I'm starting to feel very disappointed at the white supremacy dog whistles being flashed by Tesla's illustrious CEO or Technoking or whatever he is calling himself these days.

It was bad enough last year when he refused to shut down one of the factories and was downplaying the severity of Covid-19... and Tweeting about "red-pilling it" with Ivanka Trump.

I'm disheartened and disappointed. I love my Model S but I don't want to support a some guy who's end game is to plant a confederate flag on Mars.

I knew he was fiscally conservative.. hell if he wanted to move to TX to avoid paying state tax on his income, no problem. rich dudes like him have 1,000 houses and 1,000,000 different ways to avoid paying taxes. but to be flashing white supremacy dog whistles on national television?

I was sick to my stomach. I still am.

so I wonder, when did all this happen?

was it b/c CA told him he had to shut down the Tesla factory? was that the tipping point? The more I think of it, the more I think he has always been this way. simply hiding in plain sight. His BFF Peter Thiel is no stranger to these "libertarian" circles. silly me for thinking you could be conservative without being all about "white nationalism."

My Model S is over 5 years old now, and I had intended to drive it until the wheels fell off.. (not least of all b/c Tesla doesn't make cars with a sunroof anymore.) but after what I saw on SNL this weekend I feel I have to take my $$$ elsewhere. obviously. the car is not to blame. but it has for me lost a lot of its shine.

As a child of immigrants, it makes me sick to know that I have supported a man with a white supremacist vision.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Elon and his brother flee to Canada to not go thru the South Africa draft? Apartheid was still in effect and they left in protest. People are so extreme in their reactions lately to Elon. C'mon guys.


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Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
OP as to your comment about his wealth and houses, Elon said he bought his houses for investment purposes since he has planned all along to pursue his Mars mission and knew he’d be fronting lots of money for it. When someone called him out on being rich and having all his houses he promptly listed a number of them, sold them at a profit, and said he didn’t really care about owning a house and lots of other things. Then he moved to Texas to take advantage of their low tax rates and increase what he gets to hold on to moneywise. This is a guy who I think does put his money where his mouth is (is that the expression?). He has said he will use his Tesla stock to help finance his Mars pursuit and I believe he will. In the past he’s poured his money into projects/businesses he wanted to see succeed.

I did not agree with him on his position about covid and masks. I will say however that I do believe that auto manufacturing which had been listed as an essential disaster time business to keep running should have been kept open just like our other essential businesses like grocery, medical, etc. Done as safely as possible and with contact tracing and felt those workers should have received earliest vaccines. The fact we now have a worldwide shortage of chips and other essential components for the auto industry is due to auto manufacturers shutting and/or slowing down production and cancelling orders for parts that cascaded into what we have now. Apart from a home, autos are of the biggest ticket items purchased and a Huge source of revenue for local cities to support services and provide jobs that trickle down from there. I’m a big believer in masks, vaccines, following pandemic protocols, but on this one issue I do now feel Elon was right to fight to keep the factories open.

I don’t know who wrote the sketches for SNL and how much of it was planned or ad libbed. I honestly didn’t see what you saw and interpreted it that way. No way would I condone that either. Wasn’t his character on that sketch suppose to be an ahole anyway? Can’t remember all said and done. All I’ll say is no one is perfect. I think Elon does a lot of good. We love our cars, glad they don’t use gasoline and need tailpipes. This past year we were able to add solar and PWs and since last fall have been able to run our house and cars using the sun and power stored from it. Pretty exciting really.
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