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Did I get scammed? [on tint and PPF install]

Real tint shops have pattern cutters with patterns for most cars. They perfectly precut the tint to your windows so the edges are exactly perfect. If he does not have a cutter, then he can never achieve high quality results. Before the cutters, which is a long time ago, they went through a lot of razor blades with steady hands to get good results. That dude used a dull kitchen knife on your car.
This isn't always true. If the tinter is skilled, they can do hand cuts. I know of at least two tinters in my area that do hand cuts and they come out perfect. However, this person is a butcher and not a tinter.
I can sympathize. Up until this year, I drove 1.5 hrs away from my house to get my ppf and tint done by the same place (they did 4 of my cars in 10 years) …. I found a more local place (15 min away) to put ppf back on a single door.

The local place criticized the ppf that I had always went to , but when they did it, they didn’t wrap the edges of the car door. I didn’t realize it until a few days later. But I knew I was trading it in and I didn’t want to take more time off, rent another car, for them to redo it.

Now for some advice…. Are they authorized dealers/installers of the tint/ppf?

If so, contact the manufacturer and let them know. Some manufacturers don’t want bad installers giving their product a bad name. They may be able to offer a solution or put pressure on the shop to make it right. Good luck!

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, I can give my recommendations….
Hello Andrew! About to take delivery of MY and already worried about nicks and damages. I do live in the Chicagoland area, any recommendations on who can do a good ppf job?
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