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Disabled Safety Features

Brand new, just got it yesterday. Going around the turnpike on ramp spirited (nothing crazy, just +5-10 over normal) and this comes up:


Took about 1hr15min to get Tesla on the phone. 15 min of attempts to resolve it thru various reboot methods. No dice. Have to take it in tomorrow. Man this car really drives like poo without these features.
I managed to clear it all. Took 2 more resets past the 2 Tesla had me do, and driving it. Note, a reset to Tesla tech was Safety & Security > Power Off > Wait 3 min (don’t touch anything) > Tap Brake > Open Door. Earlier, he did have me try the steering wheel/brake display reboot method after the reset.
There are only two ‘resets’. Reboot via the steering wheel and power down via the menu. So doing it several times actually cleared it? The Brake pedal does nothing.

Repeated reboots have been known to have an effect as well as the power down. You do need to wait a few minutes before opening a door to start the power up process.

Weird that a reboot/power down helped with errors like those but good to know!
It’s done it again, just moments ago, unfortunately. I took off fairly fast from a stop light that was a right hand turn onto a main road. Both times this had happened it was while going around curves briskly. Currently going thru a reset.

First reboot and then a drive around the parking lot got everything back but regen and traction. Will try another shortly after I’ve had my Starbucks.
My 2017 model X did the same thing this past weekend. I was also able to clear it with repeated uses of the power off method but it came back after about 50 miles. It really does completely change how the vehicle feels while driving and truly shows how heavy it really is. I was on the beach at the ocean the first time it happened, then on the highway in AP the second (that was a bit startling...).

I scheduled a visit to the service center and it's currently in now waiting on parts. My assumption is that a sensor that is part of the front drivetrain isn't performing properly - the only thing that explains disabling all those features. That's only a guess though. They are hoping to have it done mid-week and I can report back then with what they did.
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Looking like I may need to take our Model 3 AWD in for this same issue. Has occurred 3x since taking delivery less than a month ago. Seems to somehow clear itself by allowing the car to sit idle and parked; whereas the reboots don’t seem to matter. Why would allowing the car to sit make a difference at all?

Is unsafe to drive when this series of errors occur. Don’t live near a service center so Tesla will likely need to tow it and provide a loaner car.
A service visit is definitely best. This set of errors was easily the least safe I've felt in a Tesla but I still felt reasonably safe that the passive safety (body crumple, airbags, rollover potential) were a decent protection. The active safety features really do go a long way toward overall driving comfort but I wasn't terribly worried about my 60 mile drive home then the 30 mile drive to the service center - I just had to pay closer attention to others and take my actions a bit more cautiously.

My guess is that when the car is sitting idle the sensor with the issue ends up reporting expected data enough that the system resets itself until unreliable or inconsistent data starts getting generated again while it's moving.
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Spoke to Tesla service advisor yesterday. They still seem convinced it’s a software issue on our car and are working with Engineering using specific time/date stamps collected from the car across multiple occurrences of this issue. They also believe any repair could be accomplished with remote service, and car should not necessarily need to be taken to service center 4 hrs away.
Tesla is towing car to nearest SC 4 hrs away tomorrow to diagnose and repair. They agreed the car is too new to be experiencing such mechanic issues. The engineers believe it has something to do with either the suspension or alignment. More to follow.
My service rep mentioned that it could be software when I was talking to them while dropping it off as well, but it seems odd to me that the software wouldn't be able to self-calibrate and correct that type of issue. I'm glad they are towing it so you don't have make that drive yourself. Four hours in that state would be a bit long and unnerving for sure.

Tesla's are very far from perfect cars and they can tend to be quite quirky. Between my two, I've had enough service visits that I'm nearly considering myself a regular at the service center. So far everything has been under warranty and the reps have been very pleasant to work with. I haven't had any issues that have made the vehicles undriveable and I'm looking at it all as an exciting adventure or exploration into new technology. I am fortunate though that my closest one is only about 35 minutes away from my home. If your issue is similar to mine then it should be a reasonably simple repair and I wouldn't think it suggests the vehicle as a whole will be problematic.
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Tesla now has the vehicle. Towed at their expense. The day after I had reported the issue. Give them credit for acting with urgency, however I certainly hope they use the time to address current and potential known issues to avoid having to incur further expense for repeat tows, etc.
So took my car in for service today after they pulled my logs OTA and sent me this text:

“Looks like an intermittent l/f wheel speed sensor problem.”

They replaced that sensor. Only problem, it’s still doing it, and now even worse (can turn right at any low speed and it goes berserk). LOL! Just my luck. So I messaged back and they called and said they had Tesla engineers look into it and they said to replace the other speed sensor. So now another wait.
Just an update, but as you can see above, the service center stated it was the left front speed sensor. However, I noticed on the repair ticket that they replaced the right front speed sensor. SMDH!

They told me they would order the other speed sensor. When my appointment came last week, I called to verify it was in, and the guy assured me it was, so I asked him to physically check, which he came back a few minutes later to admit it wasn’t even ordered yet. He had to reschedule me for this coming Friday. Tesla is a total hot mess with their service.

Today, I’m driving straight on the Turnpike at 78 mph and again everything disabled. I made no abrupt movements to cause it. This is the first time it’s done it driving straight. I really hope this other speed sensor corrects this issue. It’s annoying having to pull over and power down, drive 20 feet, stop, power down a second time, just to get everything to clear.