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Disappointing Ordering Process

We ordered our fourth Tesla in early August, an X Raven, to replace our 2016 X. I was pleasantly surprised when Tesla contacted us (along with US Bank) about the expiration of our lease. We were told that Tesla wants to coordinate delivery of the new car with the turn in of the leased car. That sounded perfect so we ordered a new one. Time passes and I don’t hear anymore from Jillian, our contact. Eventually, a couple of weeks ago, as we are finalizing a loan, I email Jillian and get a reply from Rob, who says he’ll be helping me. His first email has typos (maybe written in a hurry?). Not very professional and not what I’ve experienced in the past with Tesla (this will be our fourth Tesla). I explain to him that our loan officer would like the VIN. His subsequent emails don’t have typos, but are extremely brief, unprofessionally so, and unlike any other dealings I’ve had with Tesla. He finally got me the VIN, in an email that included only the number. A week later, today, I email to ask if the car will be ready next week when the lease is up. I haven’t seen the VIN yet on the Tesla website. Rob offers me inventory cars and says delivery on time is unlikely. I explain (as I’ve mentioned to him in an earlier email) that we’re going away for two weeks next week, so if they don’t deliver the new car at the end of the lease, delivery will have to wait until early October. He offers me some inventory cars that aren’t what we want. I explain that and ask about the process to return the car. He had mentioned that we could keep it an additional 10 days. That won’t work for us because it falls in the middle of our vacation. I ask him again about the return process and whether we can can keep it until after we return and the new car is delivered. His reply is typically brief, “it’s due September 26.” No mention about scheduling the return. No mention of when the new car is expected.

I know Tesla has problems, high turnover, and maybe can’t retain the best talent anymore. But the way he’s handled this matter seems less than professional to me, especially when you consider that you’re dealing with a $100k car and a repeat customer. Do we really need a Tesla that badly?
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