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Do current replacement touchscreens still suffer from the yellow edges?

My touch screen is starting to develop bubbles near the top. They're not bad enough to be a problem, at least not yet, but I would like to get it fixed while it's still in warranty, Going off information that is 6+ months old at this point, the replacement screens suffer from the dreaded yellow boarder. Given the choice between some bubbles and a yellow boarder, I think I'll keep my screen. However, if people are starting to get screens that don't yellow, then I'll definitely opt to get it fixed.
I had my screen (MCU 1) replaced about 10 months ago while they were doing full screen warranty replacements for yellow border issues. About 2 months ago the faint yellow showed up on the new screen, 2 weeks ago had the UV fix, and now looks fine. So, to answer your question, at least one replacement screen (mine!) also turned yellow. I do not know if current screens are better, but my guess is nobody will know at this point because it takes a while for the problem to appear.