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Do game controllers work with Arcade on MCU 1?

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I have an Aug 2013 build with MCU 1.

I bought an Atari adapter

and old Atari 2600 paddle controllers. I tried this setup with "Super Breakout". No luck.

I then bought a generic Logitech USB controller, model number G-UG15. This Logitech controller didn't work with any game. I tried both USB slots.

Before I spend more money, has anyone with MCU 1 been able to play Breakout with paddle controller?

What are some controllers that work with MCU 1?

Haven't personally tried but does the steering wheel work to control the bat in Breakout? Can't ask for a better rotary dial than that.

I do believe there are known good USB controllers that work with MCU1. There is a thread here discussing options/solutions up to and including certain USB->Wireless adapters for wireless controllers.

Whether a paddle controller will work or not I have no idea.

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