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Do I get the $2K price reduction if I have not taken delivery

So, I've ordered a SR Y and I'm schedule for delivery on Friday 2/19 (delivery has been delayed due to weather). Purchase agreement signed and bank has wired money to Tesla. At this time it is unclear whether this is a refreshed Y with the new console and heated steering wheel. Living in Texas, at least until this week, a heated steering wheel was not a deal breaker -- now, it seems like a nice thing to have. Further, and most importantly, the price is now $2000 lower. Can I refuse delivery and wait for a refreshed car (lose my deposit?). Regardless of the refresh, can I get the new lower price? Just wondering about my options/suggestions.
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Same thing happened last year when they dropped the price on the LR-AWD.

However... Be proactive, not reactive, check your Tesla account now to see if the price changed automatically. If it has not, I would check it each day until about Tuesday of next week. If it hasn't changed at that point, reach out to get the price change completed.

Don't be reactive, don't wait until the last minute, I believe there are some owners that took delivery being told they would get a check in the mail. I'm not sure if that check ever arrived.
Yes, but if you ask for your order to be re-priced, the whole order is re-priced to current pricing. So if you are buying FSD and ordered when it was $8k, your order would be re-priced $2k lower for the car and $2k higher for FSD, for a net $0 change. Of course in your case it is somewhat more complicated as the bank has already initiated the loan and paid for the car at the old price, so not sure how that changes things. (I'm assuming it was a loan.) I know that if your VIN changes you normally have to cancel the existing loan and start over with the bank.