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Do we have any recourse for this insanely poor paint quality?


Aug 7, 2020
marina del rey
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I just took my first road trip of about 3000 miles to put my model y at about 4k miles total. I gave her a wash today and holy sh*t, she’s trashed! WTF?! How can the paint quality be THIS bad? Will they fix this? Will tesla take any responsibility for this? If not, where do I take this to get fixed, and what kind of $$ am I looking at dropping here? This is pretty shocking, and giving me serious doubts about remaining a Tesla owner.

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Jun 16, 2020
I’ve been saying since July that the rear doors are getting pulverized at the arch and no one knows it and come spring there will be a bunch of threads about destroyed rear doors. I guess I was off by 6 months. The front edge of the rear door, when I was wrenching the rule was always to make sure the leading panel sticks out 1 mm from the next panel in line so you avoid the door edge chips like that as debris won’t hit a direct surface.
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Jul 3, 2020
yeah i mean is this a paint quality issue? wouldn't any fast car that propels rocks right into the panels do this? Seems more like a design issue. would mudflaps work?
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Active Member
Jun 6, 2018
Have you experienced paint loss too? Did you get it fixed? Where did you go? How much did It cost?
Yes. Tesla paint is garbage. Absolute worst in the industry.

I asked them to fix it. They told me no.

I didn’t do anything about it. I’m finished buying $70K cars from them.
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Feb 5, 2020
Renton, WA
when you realize the company CEO is focusing on sending people to Mars, of which the first wave is sure to die, and planning for the end of the world, has trashed his Mclaren F1 (for those that care for cars), sold all his houses, and months after MY was revealed even before it went on sale, we see the Cybertruck which has a radically different design and no paint, and they’re geeking out about diecast 2 piece, then single-piece construction on MY, then the planned full redesign of MY in Giga Berlin than build quality, you understand how this car was put together and where the focus is... oh but don’t worry FSD beta will be out soon to general public and the inevitable crash will make the build quality a non-issue; oh but of course it’s our fault for not stopping the car with a mind of its own.

sorry for the rant and feel free to dislike, but I have paid a steep personal toll during which time I’ve thought about why the MY has such poor workmanship for a modern car even compared to our Model 3 which we love.. my MY came with paint defects throughout, which included 3/4 of the car being fully repainted by Tesla with abysmal results, having the car sit in garage in its first 3 months due to new curing paint, then throwing me out the service center and refusing to do any more warranty work after I pointed out the poor job and car only had 100 miles, basically just going to service visits all that time, then I sought out a 3rd party quality paint shop to redo many panels and personally paid over $5K, and put a lot of time and effort into correcting the paint defects.. ahem this is before another $4k in PPF

for the rear door, you’ll want at least the XPEL precut rocker panel film which will cover the area nicely and is easy to apply yourself.. you can also try cutting bulk film to cover the bottom seam of the door but may have issues wrapping the corners
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Mar 26, 2020
Northern Virginia
for the rear door, you’ll want at least the XPEL precut rocker panel film which will cover the area nicely and is easy to apply yourself.. you can also try cutting bulk film to cover the bottom seam of the door but may have issues wrapping the corners


I installed Xpel rocker panel PPF on the lower rear doors, and modified M3 hard-plastic mudflaps behind the front wheels on my blue LR VIN 9xxx after 2 weeks of ownership, and at 4800 miles, I have zero issues with any road rash on the rear doors, and 3/4 of that mileage is highway in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, plus around a month of time directly exposed to ocean salty air and sandy roads. I do believe, based on other posts, that the white is the most trash paint job for the Y. Granted, I have full-front end and lower rear doors covered with Xpel, plus full OptiCoat Pro+, but my blue paint thickness is good (measured at least 25 points around the body), the paint is mostly free of dirt, and overall seems relatively good quality and toughness. Honestly, many US-built BMWs I've owned aren't that much better. Your case seems pretty extreme, especially the door edge - that is insane. Looks the we are way beyond paint and the metal actually was damaged beneath. That seems like design-wise, something is well off.


Sep 20, 2019
Sorry for peeps having a bad time with tesla. After buying 4 teslas in the last 3 years I've been very happy. My first model S in 2017 had a few scratches on it cuz of the plastic wrap they had bound the car with. Tesla immediately pointed out the flaws during inspection on their own and setup a service appt for me. The car was out of my hands for 1 month (most frustrating part). But when it came out it was flawless. Kept the car for 3 years and the paint has been great. I have since bought a 2020 model 3 (Feb) and 2020 Model X (Sep) and 2020 Model Y (Sep) for mom. Paint on all those have been perfect. I have wrapped my model X so can't comment on paint over time on that one. We will be completing a 1400 mile trip on the X by end of this week. Model 3 paint is same as the first day we bought it. We don't have a lot of miles on it - just about 3K.
Also my service dept has been nothing but helpful and polite. I've had a couple of things that needing fixing and warranty took care of it without any issues - headlight led liner was fading and front license plate holder came undone. Even upgrades like FSD computer and bio-defense mode that I purchased were done conveniently by mobile service at my residence. This has been unlike the routine price gouging service from other legacy dealerships. There is absolutely no going back for me.


Mar 26, 2018
Surprise, AZ
That is really bad and really sad.

The Pearl White paint on my Y is very poor (thin and soft) vs the Sliver Metallic paint on my 3 (which I've now sold). I've already have more issues on the front in a few thousand miles than I did on my 3. I've also noticed it on the back bumper as I already have a couple of chips/scratches from taking my bike in and out. I didn't have a single one on my BMW X3 in 6 years.

PPF of course helps, but you will never convince me that it should be needed on any vehicle driven in normal conditions. I was actually going to get at least PPF on the front of the Y, but the shop wouldn't do it as it was right at the time there were people posting issues with removing it also removing the paint. The shop didn't want to take the chance of Tesla not covering it if that happened nor did I want to take the chance of the Shop and Tesla not covering it. By the time it was determined Tesla would cover it and it turned out mine fell barely out of the range they said was affected, I already had a chip and was kinda like why bother now... My plan now is to just let it be and then possibly repaint it a different color anyway in a few years.


Dec 5, 2018
Columbus, OH
I'm sorry to hear this happening to you, and I agree, the best thing for tesla is when they stop making cars in california....

But that leading edge is in fact insane - that's from normal driving? Its like you took the car off road or were doing launches on a gravel road. I almost can't believe its that pitted and chipped from normal driving.

FYI - on my 69k vin, the front doors do cover the rear door leading edge.


Jul 18, 2020
new york
wow, I have a MB truck (German made) at 63k miles and the paint is flawless against raw rash.... I've never seen any paint damage like that. To suggest that we need PPF to protect the paint is just making excuses for Tesla. They really need to step up their quality.
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New Member
Mar 15, 2020
United States
Guess I'm glad that I opted to buy a used Model X with a history w/ good paint on it. (e.g. it has a fair amount of miles and assume if it's went ~4 years I'm probably safe)

On the other hand, looks like I have some of the common suspension challenges in the front end.

Though, sounds like the suspension fixes are a bit easier than repainting a car....

We almost bought a Y, but I thought I'd give it some time to see how it played out.
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