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Do you follow other Teslas?

Here in SoCal there’s a lot of Teslas. A buddy of mine and I went for a drive to compare the range differences of our cars (3LR and YLR) so we drove together as two cars for 100 miles one way, and another 100 back, mostly desert interestate. Both times we herded up at least two sometimes four or more Teslas of various models (mostly 3’s and S’s). What happens is that as we drive past other cars, Teslas would accelerate and match our speed. I’m sure its not coincidental they all just happened to be going the same speed, and at the same place and time either. And for sure they're not part of Tesla car club, as we picked them up at different areas. Pretty interesting to see, something that just doesn’t happen a lot in other vehicles (maybe sports cars like Miatas or Vettes) but not something I’m used to.

So for the people here, have you followed or been followed by other Teslas on the freeway?
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