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Do You Guys Review Your Sentry Mode Events Everyday?

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I feel like this is going to drive me crazy.
I get 7-10 alerts at the end of the day and I find myself combing through them every night. Even when you fast forward through them, it still takes 5-10 minutes as each alert/video is 10 minutes long. Most times its only 5-15 seconds that are pertinent but you don't even know WHERE in the video it is.
To be perfectly honest with you, I feel like I'm losing my sanity being too overprotective of a car. Its only a car.
Does anybody review their events everyday?
No. The bulk of them are triggered by an adjacent vehicle in a parking lot, or a pedestrian passing by. Unless I see evidence of evil having occurred (door ding, broken window, etc), I ignore the events.

That is to say, I don't review the everyday events every day.
I just walk around my car when I return to it to make sure there are no dings or scratches. If I ever see something that looks like there was some damage to my car or something else may have happened in the near vicinity to my car I’ll check the sentry videos. Last week I got a rare notification in the app that my alarm was triggered. Upon reviewing the sentry videos I determined it was a large truck that drove by which caused the alarm to trigger. If there’s no evidence of something happening to or near your car there’s absolutely no point to waste time reviewing hours of video.
I know the feeling, but it makes sense to only review them when you notice something wrong with your car. Also, there are tools that make reviewing the videos much faster. Personally I wrote an Android app that I use pretty frequently, where I can review an event in just a few seconds: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.snailboat.teslacamreviewer

Your 'event' that triggered the alert will pretty much always be in the last 1-2 minutes of the saved clips, and you can use tools to watch all of the videos at once and at faster-than-1x playback speeds.
The SanDisk iExpand USB Drive and SentryView App (used in conjunction together) make review quicker and quite a bit easier in my experience.

You can see all three feeds at once and speed or slow them as you’ve need.

I agree that looking around the car when you return is a quick / effective means to generally avoid even having to check, but when you do need to see what’s happened while you’ve been gone, the “Drive” that you just pop into your iPhone and then, that lets you see all three views, via SentryView App, for me, makes it less painful and time consuming.