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Do you have access to charging in your stratified apartment or town-home complex?

If you have access to charging in your stratified apartment or town-home complex, they would like to hear from you. They want to learn more about the steps you and/or your strata took to set up charging.

In collaboration with Metro Vancouver, Navius Research and Dr. Jonn Axsen are developing an online resource for vehicle charging in multi-unit stratified apartments and town-home complexes. Acknowledging the challenges of charging access in these buildings, we hope to provide an accessible and easy-to-understand resource for strata councils (and strata mangers) and electric vehicle owners, which outlines the basics of electric vehicle charging in stratified buildings. We would also like to highlight success stories and thus are reaching out.

If you have charging access in your strata and would like to share your story with them, please complete the following questionnaire and email your responses to Suzanne Goldberg at [email protected].

Here is the Questionnaire:

My charging Access
1. How many chargers are in your strata?
2. What level charging access do you have in your strata? Are the chargers networked?
3. Where are the chargers located (individual stall v. visitor parking)
4. Are you aware of any bylaw changes, rules or agreements that were established to accommodate charging?
5. How do you pay for your electricity consumption (e.g. user fee, charge point)?
6. Do you have exclusive access or is it shared? How is access controlled?
7. Did your building have existing charging access when you moved in or purchased your electric vehicle?
8. Do you know the total cost of the installation?

Me and My strata
9. Is it an apartment or town-home? If apartment, how many stories?
10. What year was your building constructed?
11. Who was the charging champion (e.g. owner, strata, developer)?
12. What is your parking situation and allocation (e.g. secure underground parking that is considered limited common property)
13. Are you on strata council?
14. How long did it take strata to process your request?
15. What steps did you and your strata take to get charging?
16. What was key to your success?
17. Are you open to us contacting you for a short 30 minute phone interview?