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Do you intentionally park next to other Teslas?

Do you intentionally park next to other Teslas (when there is a spot open)?

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Earlier today at the grocery store - I couldn't help myself - a pretty red TM3 with an empty spot next to it!

I usually do park next to other Teslas, mostly for the giggles/glitch in the matrix affect (and secretly because I'm always trying to make friends). It's like a funny inside joke that only I'm laughing at ;)

Does anyone else do this??
Previously at work it was pretty much a given. There were reserved spots for clean air vehicles next to the elevator/stairs on each floor and there were quite a number of Teslas in the parking structure. Out in public I generally try to get a spot that's closest to the business I'm going to and that's also the widest and/or shaded. If there's a Tesla already there, so much the better, but I don't actively seek them out.
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If there is a further spot away from other cars I'll park there instead but if any open spot next to a Tesla, would always try to park next to them.

Another plus to parking next to another Tesla would to have double security of having Sentry mode turned on for maximum coverage if you're in a high crime area etc.

That's a great point about double sentry... assuming the other person has it turned on... and a USB drive that works :D:D
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Generally, I try to park away from other cars. But if that’s not an option I’ll definitely choose to park next to another Tesla rather than anything else. My reason being that I like to think that other Tesla owners are more likely to be considerate and careful of their cars and therefore other people’s cars.
If there is a parking spot that is further away and looks like adjacent spots will remain empty, then I'll park there to protect against door dings.

If there isn't and I see another Tesla, then I'll certainly park next to it. Partly because I think it's cool and partly because in general it seems Tesla owners have a lot of pride with their car, so hopefully they'll be more careful about door dinging other people, etc.