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Do you let your Tesla service center wash your car?

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Hi - Do you guys let your Tesla service center wash your car when you bring it into service? I'm going to the Costa Mesa, CA service center to have something done soon and they said they will offer a car wash for my car. Does anyone have experience with Costa Mesa service center washing their car, or any other service center car washing in general? I know that some service center (non-tesla) just run it through an automatic car wash machine and call it a day, but since I'm hoping Tesla service center are better than most other brand, they will be more careful washing the car.

Thanks for any input in advance!
If it's White/silver or wrapped in Xpel, then there is no problem. I did not Xpel the whole car the first time, and they added a lot of swirl mark to the back roof area. You can't really see swirls on pearl white, so even the unXpel white parts looked fine.

That was a long time ago, and it probably varies a lot from service center to service center. If you have unprotected dark paint I'd make sure they are careful, ask how they do the wash, what they use, etc.
I have swirl marks from the service center wash. I was there once (New York) when they did it. They used a real bucket with grit separator but unfortunately the same rag from the gritty lower parts of the car all the way up is so swirl marks were inevitable. The guy was very nice, but no car washing pro. I have never found a car washing place that washes any better than SC did (most are worse IMO) so I try to wash my cars myself when I have a chance.
Another reason why I like silver as an exterior color. It hides swirls like magic. I bet with the exception of a few enthusiasts, 90+% of Model S owners have the car washed at the Tesla Service Center and really as long as they take basic precautions, they can wash the car without swirling it up, and I hope the people who wash the cars are shown how to wash the cars properly.

I hang this on my mirror every time. I also leave explicit instructions to not wash. I don't care if the exterior is filthy when they finish.

It comes down to personal choice. The fact is, unless you know how to properly wash a car with tesla paint, you'll most likely induce microsctaches, and sometimes, deeper swirls and scratches.

If your point of view is "it's just a car and I want it to be clean" you'd be fine to have service center to wash it. Convenient, immediate gratification, and free.

If you are concerned about properly washing the finish and preserving a swirl-free finish, then you'd be best to request no wash or wipe down.

No right or wrong answer here, IMHO...just personal choice.