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Or do you know people who are thinking about seeking employment at Qatar Airways?

Then, IMO, you should take a look at the following:

…/ [Qatar Airways] prohibits its female workers from becoming pregnant or marrying, and subjects its staff to stringent curfews and restrictions of their rights to free expression – backed up with the threat of termination and deportation […

Source: Qatar Airways inclusion 'disgraces oneworld alliance' | International Transport Workers' Federation: Press area

More here:

ITF lobbies for ICAO action on Qatar/UAE rights abuses | International Transport Workers' Federation: Press area

And this is corroborated by the following article in one of the biggest news corporations in Sweden: Expressen. It’s a tabloid, but this tabloid and the other larger tabloid in Sweden do have some quality investigative reporting. This is IMO one of these cases of quality reporting. The paper’s political leaning is liberal, which in a Swedish political context means that it is right leaning of an imaginary left-right center divide.

Sanningen om lyxen på Qatar Airways | Expressen [in Swedish, but google translate i.e. might make it readable]

According to this article female flight attendants are not allowed to marry during their first five years as employees. After these five years they may – in writing – ask permission to get married from the CEO. And that’s not even 10% of it…

There is a short follow-up here:

Bolaget vägrar svara på Expressens frågor | Expressen [in Swedish, but google translate i.e. might make it readable]

…about how Qatar Airways has not responded to questions from Expressen about their various labor policies.
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Wow! I'm a big OneWorld mileage junkie and have traveled on almost all of the member airlines. For an upcoming trip this summer, I almost went with Qatar to hop from Europe to India (chose Royal Jordanian instead).

Thanks for the heads up, Swedish. Will not give my business to them.