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Does Anyone Have Pictures or Experience w/ Exped Megamat Auto/Duo in a Model S?

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Sep 6, 2018
Colorado, USA
Does anyone have any pictures of the Exped Auto (previously called the Megamat duo according to their site) in their Model S? I see nothing online when I try to search Google Images. I'm a bit concerned that the official listing on the Exped website makes no mention of the Model S but lists every other car (X, Y & 3) multiple times. This seems odd and I doubt it's an unintentional omission? They are even asked about it in the comments of one of their videos showing it being used in Teslas and their response was "The rear seats in the Model S don't fold flat" which is less than confidence inspiring. Obviously, they fold flat and the resulting space is larger in every dimension than a 3/Y and similar to that of an X (with even more room behind the wheel wells) so I see no reason it shouldn't fit. I even went out and took measurements against those listed on the Exped site and there appears to be no reason why it wouldn't fit. If I could see someone else is using it successfully it would give me the confidence I need to pull the trigger. If anyone from Exped is reading this, I'd correct that on the website if this does indeed fit. I see no reason that it wouldn't but if it doesn't you can even state it won't to save people the trouble.
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