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Does anyone know what this is?

I purchased my 2020 MX in December. I found a heavy tesla bag in the front trunk. I have no idea what this is, and there is no mention in the manual. (see pics)


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Tow hitch.

Get the PDF manual if you don't have it.

Connecting the Tow Hitch
The Model X towing package includes a
weight-carrying hitch with a 2” x 2”
removable hitch receiver. When not in use,
the hitch receiver should be removed and
stored in a dry location to prevent rust and
corrosion. Keep the dust cover over the hitch
housing to prevent dirt and debris from
Lots of people tow with their X. I have towed small trailers and a medium U-Haul from MA to VA. There are large groups that post about pulling campers, however range is severely affected. I'd like to pull a camper for a trip or two to see how it is, but now have to wait until things open up more.