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Does FSD Computer Upgrade also Upgrade the MCU?

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I'm on an MCU1 with Autopilot 2.5. Does anyone know if the Full Self Driving computer upgrade is the same as upgrading the MCU? Right now on V10 Cuphead, Tesla Theater & Caraoke aren't enabled. After a fsd computer upgrade should I expect that anything changes?
No. And the MCU upgrade is more involved than it might appear - Tesla didn't just make a drop in component change, they changed the system architecture.

On MCU1 cars, the driver's display and the MCU are independent, each running on it's own CPU and tied together through the CANBus. On MCU2 cars, the driver's screen is a second display for the single much more capable CPU in the MCU.

So there are significant changes to the wiring harness and driver's display - not sure how much else might be changed. In theory Tesla could make an upgrade configuration that's something in between, but I'm not aware of any reason to believe they will.
It is supposed to take under 30 minutes to swap the AP CPU board (in back of the glove compartment). I hazard a swap for the MCU if it ever exists would take several/many hours (if the binnacle has to also be swapped) (based on how long it takes to even replace an MCU).

I doubt this ever is available no matter what Elon ‘said’. See the monster thread on the topic.